Cricket in India

The gentleman's game

How cricket came to india

Cricket was not invented in India ,although it is one of India's most popular games. Cricket was invented in Weald,which is near london, cricket was brought to India in the seventeenth century. the first ever match in India was played in 1721, The first organized cricket club that India was in was the Oriental cricket club in 1848. India's Mumbai team was what sparked the Indian peoples interest.
Seen below is the Parsi cricket team which was the first Indian team to tour England.

India's premier league

India has its own cricket league, the premier league. The premier league consists of nine teams, the teams are the Chennai Supper Kings,Delhi Daredevils,Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Pune Warriors India, Rajasthan Royals,Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Sunrisers Hyderabad. with the Delhi Daredevils being the top team winning two of the past five championships. In International play India has began to play well recentaly being ranked in the top three in three of the last five international rankings.

Did you know

Did you know India has won two world cricket cups in 1983,and two years ago in 2011.
Seen below is Chris Gayle who is very happy after a win.

Crickets most dominating players

Chris Gayle has become one of India's most dominating Batters for the Royal Challengers Bangalore,He has lead The premier league in Runs and Sixes for the past two years and is on his way to a third for both this year,he has also lead in individual runs last year the only stat he did not lead in was the strike rate which left him short of leading all the batting stats. The bowlers have all been very close with no stand outs but this year Sunil Narine of the Kolkata Knight Riders has emerged and proved he is one of the best bowlers in the game leading in wickets and wickets per runs.
Sunil Narine accepting a award for Bowling.

Did you know

SR Tendulkar who plays for India leads the international league in all time runs and still currently plays.


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