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Hi All,

I'm adding Dr. Hull's MAP announcements to this SMORE to help keep all the info in one place. Please check eDIRECT (see image below) on DESE for additional info.

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Emails from Dr. Hull/DESE


  • There is a confidence band around the ruler tool (approx. ¼ inch)

  • Drew Lincoln sent out a memo identifying what works and what doesn’t on the fixed form on Friday (this is the email I forwarded to building admin and guidance on late Friday afternoon)

  • Notepad - scratch paper (practice using this tool along with the rest of the tools!)

  • Spell Check is universal tool, but have to turn it on for all students***check the box to turn it on

  • Read aloud is available across the content areas (including SC)

  • Text to Speech does not work on passages in ELA

  • Grades 3-5 will be a LOSS if read to students in ELA

  • Grades 6-8 will not be a LOSS if read to students

  • Once a student feels comfortable with the tools - not measuring the technology construct, but the subject matter the student is being tested over

  • Students in district less than 12 months does not count against the district

  • 2 Math sessions - one is for calculator use and the other is not

  • Redirecting a student who is lost in the test and does not know where they are - is ok, but you cannot help/tell a student to answer a question or with the tools (they need to use the Help button)

  • Make sure the students know to scroll to the bottom of each page to make sure they have all of the data/information to answer the question(s)------some graphs in SC and MA may be at the bottom of the page or on the next page and students may accidentally skip over them (this is one of the reasons why DESE has asked that all student score reports be preliminary data until they can see the big picture of how students have done statewide with final student score reports coming out sometime in August)

  • Make sure all students have earbuds or headphones at school during the testing window for ELA listening section (remember: there is no text on the listening portion - students answer the questions after listening to the section, however, they can replay the audio)

I will be coming to each building the week after break to see if any of the test examiners have any questions. Practice-Practice-Practice using the tools and the Practice Assessments!


Good afternoon,

The purpose of this message is to provide updates for the Spring 2015 administration of MAP Grade-Level Assessments.

We have just posted an addendum to the Test Administration Manual explaining some recent changes and clarifying some issues.


The addendum covers the following topics:

· Update on the Tools/Designated Supports/Accommodations available for testing

· Use of Assistive Devices/Assistive Software

· Translation options for ELL students

· And contains a short Frequently Asked Questions

The addendum can be found here:

Grade-Level Assessment Tools, Designated Supports and Accommodations

We have updated this document to reflect the changes made since moving to online fixed form testing. The updated list can be found here:

Grade-Level Assessment Test Administration Manual

Based on a number of phone calls, we wanted to make sure that districts were using the 2nd version, updated on February 27. You can access that here:

LEA Guide

The LEA Guide to the Missouri Assessment Program has been updated to Version 1.5. Updates include:

· Updated the link to the Grade-Level Accommodations

· Adjusted Grade-Level timing guidelines to match the Test Administration Manual

· Added link to Test Administration Manual

You can access the updated guide here: