Booker T. Washington

By: Michael Christopher & Catherine Rummins

Early Life/Education/Motivations

He was born on April 5th,1856 He was a Slave most of his early life but, after he was freed he became a African American Educator,Author, and an adviser to the president of the United States!He also become a principal of Tuskegee University.

Famous Quotes and Books

One of Washington's most famous quote is "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he as overcome." He was also an author as i mentioned and his most famous book is Up From Slavery.

His Contributions!


Booker T. Washington gave his famous speech called the "Atlanta Compromise". It stated that blacks response to southern racial tension. In 1906 he was asked to come to the white house by Roosevelt, this marked the first time in history that a African american receives an important invitation. He was also know for becoming the Principal of Tuskegee University. He died on November 14th,1915 (at 55)

Lasting Impact on GA and USA

Booker T. Washington made a lasting impression in the Education World! He also created many all-black Facilities that still exist today! He showed the world that anybody could lead no matter what race!