Gemini Missions

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It was known as the "bridge to the moon" as told by NASA. But others would say it was "The Bridge Between the Apollo Program and the Mercury Program." See they needed to get a man into space. But they have doubts. No man has ever survived a vertical take off. Mercury Seven Astronauts get popular. The best scientist astronaut was Scott Car-burn. There was also Alan Shepard, Murto Cooper, Deke Slayton, Gus Grissom, John Glenn.

Gemini Mission 1

It was an uncrewed orbital test of the Titan 2 Vehicle. It was launched on April 8th 1964. They reentered in April 12 1964. The exact timing was at 11:00:01. (EST)

Gemini Mission 2

It was launched on January 19, 1965. This one was the second uncrewed Gemini test mission. It consisted of a sub-orbital ballistic flight. Also reentry with the primary objectives being to demonstrate the adequacy of the spacecraft reentry module's heat protection during a maximum heating rate return, structural integrity of the spacecraft, and performance of the spacecraft systems.

Gemini Mission 3

Gemini Mission 3:

They wanted to test drive a new rocket and capsule, and come back to Earth and survive. People were worried they wouldn't survive even the launch. One mistake and the men are killed with millions watching.It successfully went up and the happiness was of abundance.

They got close enough to perfection. Everything was amazing. For the first time to men went into space. They messed it up on the entry. They fired the retro rockets and forgot that the Earth rotated under them. As a result they fell off target. They were in the ocean as a landing. There was a whole parade when they came back. They were their heroes.

Gemini Mission 4

Some thought it was fun to be floating in space for the first few minutes. The safety criteria was checked before they could actually go out into the "space". after the hatch was open Ed stood up on the seat. They cleared him to go and he pushed up and then he technically flew at 17000 mph. 200 miles above the Earth. If the space suit fails the difference in pressure will kill him. As he drifts in space a glove falls out and neither of them knows who's it is. Ed White is in space for 36 minutes. When he was told to come back inside he didn't really want to go back but he finally did.

Gemini Mission 5

It launched in August 21, 1965. It carried astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles "Pete" Conrad. He was the 3rd crewed Earth orbiting spacecraft of the Gemini Mission Series. The flight was designed to last eight days and test rendezvous procedures. Any major procedures could range from long duration crew flight to testing rendezvous capabilities and maneuvers using a rendezvous evaluation pod.

Gemini Mission 9

Gemini 9:

After this there will be 3 more Gemini missions that I know of. They thinking of different techniques. This would be the longest space walk attempt ever. The flight director was Glynn Lunney. Gene Cernan was on there, too. This was the 2nd walk on space that they have had. They only had 20 minutes. When Gene stuck his head out it was like another world. He had to test out a new jet pack. His visor was fogging up. He was getting very worried. At the HQ they all could here his labored breathing. They were about to call it all off. It was named as a fail.

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