Staff Weekly Update

For the Week of April 9th, 2018

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Buckle-in! I always feel like these last two months after Spring break is the "downhill" part of our roller-coaster year. It's exciting and it certainly goes quick. I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing spring break. Whether you opted for a stay-cation or a get-away, I hope it refreshed your soul and you are ready to welcome those bright smiling faces that are eager to see you.

As we near the finish line these last 7 weeks of school (yes, 7!) - I encourage you to finish the year with positivity, vigor, and vitality. Your belief in what students can do and will do makes all the difference. If you believe school is finished, they will as well. The more you speak it, the more it is true. The end of the year poses new opportunities for learning, and we must embrace what the springtime gives us with students. This comes from a gal that taught at a school for years where we were in session during June and returned at end of July. Your mindset holds enormous influence and power, and it is one of our greatest assets at Stonegate. One of the main reasons I love working with you is because by and large, our staff is positive, encouraging, thoughtful, and eager with so much of what you do each and every day. Thank you for showing up and giving your best. You are truly a special group.

With much respect,


This Week is National Assistant Principals Week! Thank You, Martha!

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Please join me in giving Martha Farley a HUGE THANK YOU as we honor her this week for National Assistant Principal's Week! It's no secret that she does so much for all of us here at Stonegate. Her heart and compassion are as big as her smile. We are truly grateful to you, Martha!

Calendar Items

Mon. April 9th

  • 11:50 - Counseling lesson - Wetzel/Strawmyer
  • 1:00 - Connie/Martha prepares for KDG RU in the gymnasium
  • 3:30 - Connie leaves for dentist appt.

Tues. April 10th

  • KDG ROUND UP - ALL DAY (additional information coming via email)

Wed. April 11th

  • 9:30 - K-12 Counselor meeting - Wetzel at BME
  • 12:15 - SIEW 3rd grade pilot group - conf. room
  • 2:30 - ACR for KDG'r - Largent, Shaw, Andries - conf. room
  • 6:00 - KDG RU information night for UP parents - Largent/Farley - SGE

Thurs. April 12th

  • 7:30 - Thoughtful Thursdays - Jessica's office
  • 9:30 - C030 KDG parent book talk - SGE
  • 11:50 - Counseling lesson - Wetzel/Frobig
  • 12:00 - Literacy Coach mtg - Largent/Spillman - PVE
  • 2:40 - ASCD post-conference mtg - Largent, Farley, Skura, Laure-Jones, Benefiel - conf. room
  • 2:40 - Grade level meetings for RtI

Fri. April 13th

  • 8:15 - ZWEST music selection day for 4th graders - SGE
  • 9:00 - Wetzel with Spencer/Therapy Dog - Jessica's office
  • 11:50 - Counseling lesson - Wetzel/Clare
  • 2:45 - ACR for 4th grader - Farley, Watson, Milam

New Fundraising Program with PTO!

SGE is now part of the Coca-Cola Give program. This opens up Stonegate Elementary to new funding opportunities to help improve learning environments for students. The best part? Donations don’t come out of your own pocket.

When you make Coca-Cola purchases, you simply enter the product codes (found on bottle caps or paper packaging) here: and our school receives a donation.

Enter the code yourself or drop off your product codes at the front office and PTO will enter for you. Codes are found on all Coke products which include Dasani bottled water. Find the codes on the case packaging or bottle caps. START SAVING THOSE BOTTLE CAPS!

Important Announcements & Reminders

Reminder - Restroom Procedures:

  1. BEFORE your class starts a RR break in that location, please check (adult/teacher) BOTH girls and boys RR area and the stalls to ensure they are free of any objects (ie - lots of toilet paper stuffed in the toilets, crayons, etc . . . )
  2. Have one responsible boy and girl be the RR monitor the entire time and once your class is done, have him/her use the RR last
  3. Before the class leaves, please check (adult/teacher) the RR area all stalls one last time to ensure they are in good condition.
  4. Send students in PAIRS to use the RR, so that one student can be the "monitor" to ensure nothing inappropriate happens
  5. Please have a community circle w/ your class about the restrooms and to underscore if they notice something wrong to tell us immediately

ABM - Nightly Floor Pick-Up Request:

  • Can you please ensure your students help at the end of the day with picking up as much as possible off the floor so the evening team can vacuum in an efficient manner?
  • It's a domino effect. Typically, the custodian(s) have to stop while vacuuming and pick-up larger objects that clearly should have been moved . . . this delays their timeline in getting to the next classroom to clean. And then, IF the vacuum picks up a smaller foreign object, it could get "stuck" and causes the custodian to stop and try to repair the vacuum on the spot or go back downstairs and get a different vacuum. In extreme cases, they have had to call another building and ask to borrow their vacuum. All of this has a ripple effect in getting to the next room and/or multiple rooms.

ZEF Spring Grants - Due Tuesday, April 10th at 4:00 PM

  • The 2018 Spring Classroom Grant applications are due on Tuesday, April 10 at 4:00pm in the ZEF office in the ESC.
  • Application information can be found on the Grants tab of our website at

Technology Work Orders - Reminder from Dan Layton

  • It is always extremely helpful if you can submit actual technology work orders for any help you need. Please refrain from picking up the phone or emailing a question.
  • The link is provided under the teacher section of the ZCS website or by clicking this link:

Leaving EARLY afterschool and you've gotten permission from Connie/Martha . . .

  • If this is the case for you, please help us by always emailing the entire office team to let them know you've gotten permission and also leave your cell # in the email message, in case we need to contact you.
  • Who is the "office team?" Connie, Martha, Angie, Jen, Jessica, Hailey

Reminder About ABM Workorders

  • Did your trash not get picked up? Does it seem the carpet didn't get vacuumed? Please help Angie & Jen out by filling out an ABM workorder on your own. Thanks!

  • 1. Go to the Zionsville web site

    2. Click on Teachers/staff tab

    3. Scroll down about halfway

    4. You’ll see a section “Workorder Requests”

    5. Click on Custodial workorder.

Personal Business Leave Google Form

  • Please click here to access this form and then don't forget to SAVE this page under your "favorites."
  • Finally, as a friendly reminder of our ZCS Personal Business Leave + good information to know for our newest staff, I have copied/pasted the email about personal days sent by Becky Coffman on 5/8/16. This is per our CBA - Collective Bargaining Agreement
Section 9.03 Personal Business Leave
  • A. Amount – Each employee shall be entitled to be absent from work three (3) days each school year for the transaction of personal business or the conduct of personal or civic affairs. Such leaves may be used in whole or half day increments. Requests for personal business leave should be made 48 hours in advance in writing to the building principal. In cases of emergency or other similar unforeseen circumstance, requests may be made orally to both the substitute coordinator and the building principal.
  • B. Employees are discouraged from using personal business leave on staff development days or to extend a school vacation. If used on a staff development day then the employee remains totally responsible for securing the learning lost from their being absent during that activity.
  • C. Accumulation – If an employee does not use all of the personal business leave in a given school year, the remaining personal business leave shall be accumulated for use in later school year, except that no more than a total of two (2) days may be accumulated from earlier school years for use as personal business leave, so that the maximum total personal business leave available in any one school year is three (3) days earned during the school year and up to two (2) days accumulated from earlier school years or a total of five (5) days.
  • D. Conversion to Sick Leave – Any unused personal business leave not accumulated for use in later years as personal business leave shall be added to the employee’s accumulated sick leave.

PTO Wish List Google Form

  • Please click here to access this form and then don't forget to SAVE this page under your "favorites."
  • Please use this form to list ANY items you would like to request for purchase using our Fall/Spring PTO Enrichment Fund. Per the email sent out last week, we cannot guarantee every item will get purchased but you will get contacted by Connie/Martha to inform you of the status of your request.
  • WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU FILL THIS FORM OUT? Great question asked by Jessica Luchenbill! Every other week, Jen Evans, Martha, and I get together to look over what has been submitted. We look at the prices, compare with other sites, look for coupons, etc . . . From there, we decide if we can afford to purchase or if we need to wait. Jen will contact you with details after our meeting.
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WELLNESS UPDATE: Kinesthetic Classroom Course - IN THE SPOTLIGHT

Feel free to join this course ANYTIME! The link is below and just like a commuter bus - you can jump on/off depending on how relevant it is to you - personally or professionally!

As we head into spring and the excitement and anticipation of spring break begins to build, let's take the next couple of weeks to learn from each other! Mike Kuczala highlighted the 6 Purposes for Movement in our classrooms and I know many of you are implementing what you learned. I would like to ask you to video an activity you do in your classroom and send it to me via e-mail or text. Great things are happening and we want to highlight all of the "moving to learn" our students are experiencing! If you would like me to come in to your classroom to video or support, REACH OUT! I would love to see what is happening in your classrooms.

Spelling/Math Tag: (2-4)


  • Teacher hands out a piece of paper to each student, with half getting one color and the other half getting another.
  • Students write spelling list on the piece of paper, while teacher writes an activity on the board: *Jumping jacks *Marching *Knee lifts *Scissors (feet apart then cross in front, feet apart then cross in back) *Hopping *Twisting
  • Students will help each other tape spelling lists to backs of shirts.
  • Students divide into 2 groups based on color of paper.
  • On signal, students will circulate and select a partner with another color.
  • When selected, the student will pick a word from the spelling list and request that the other student spell that word.
  • While spelling, the student will perform the activity written on the board.
  • Partner checks the back of the other student’s shirt to make sure that word was spelled correctly.
  • Teacher can change activity on the board as desired.


  • Reduce spelling list to limit the time of activity.
  • Students can write vocabulary list and definition instead of spelling words.
  • For Math-Number sentences on the back and they have to answer by doing the number of exercises etc.


Balloon or Beachball Spelling/Math - Say a word and students work in partners or small group to toss/hit ball/balloon for each letter or number.


TEAM IN TRAINING - Please join our team for the Indy Mini 5K or 1/2. You do not have to "run". If you have not seen the links to join our District Team, I am including here. It is NOT TOO LATE!

District Information

Mini-Marathon/5K Registration

Personal Fitness

Many have reached out to share frustrations about knowing they need to exercise, wanting to exercise but don't know what to do, and/or looking for resources they can use at home. I highly recommend you check out the following link, called DAREBEE. It's a free online global fitness resource. There are workouts/challenges for EVERYONE and EVERY GOAL. Please reach out and I would love to help you get started, work with you, and/or complete a challenge with you!

April Birthdays . . . Happy Birthday to You!


2 – Pam Anyaebunam

13 – Gina Serbin

14 – Leslie Frobig

14 – Peggy Keener

23 - Joe Budd

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