The Future of Business Tech.

By: Michael Drain

Source 1, iPad Baby Seats: Has Business Technology Improved Peoples' Lives?

There is a new invention called that i-Pad Baby Seat. It is a baby seat that has a place to put an i-Pad in front of the seat. A lot of people do not like this new invention. Babies should be entertained by looking around and by their families/care-takers, not a screen. The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees. They recommend that screens be avoided by children under the age of two. A child's brain development is rapidly growing in their first few years. 38% of children under the age of two have used a mobile for device for games and watching TV.

Source 2, Meet Glyph, a Headset that beams video into your eyes

This new invention is called the Glyph, you use it by putting it over your eyes and watching videos, video chatting, calling people, or even listening to music. Many people would enjoy this new invention and some would even dislike it. A kick-starter campaign was launched last month and set out to raise $250,000 to bankroll the project (Glyph). The tech. in which powers the Glyph centers around a set of two million microscopic mirrors--one mil per eye--that reflects visuals including 3-D into the users' eyes. Users would play the video content of their mobile or entertainment device but watch it on the Glyph rather than their own mobile device.

Source 3, Smart Homes

This is a home where you don't need to be home to lock your doors, dim your lights, or adjust your thermostats. An application that a security provider for ADT at the Consumer Electronics Show allows users to turn off lights or lock doors by simply speaking commands into their smart phones. They've also announced a new wireless control panel in which will reduce installation time and difficulty. People no longer have to be rich or technology - lovers to install these products . Major companies like AT&T and Comcast now offer smart home features to customers by simply adding on to already - existing packages.

Synthesis of Research

Business technology has improved peoples' lives. For example, the Smart Home helps people keep their homes more safe and secure. The Glyph allows users to see 3-D visuals/videos in which would intrigue many of the users. Some business technology has NOT improved peoples' lives, for example, the iPad Baby Seat is mainly for lazy caretakers/parents or guardians to hypnotize the baby for hours at a time while they relax and ruin the child's brain development.

Evidence / Elaboration (iPad Baby Seat, Glyph, and Smart Home)

"A child's brain develops rapidly during the first few years, and young children learn best by interacting with people, not screens." --The Academy of Pediactrics.

"I think parents need to be really careful here." --Dr. Richard Besser

"If you ask people what they're with their devices today, they're streaming Netflix, playing games, or listening to music. We've created a device that really focused on those aspects."

Instead of spending thousands to put in a special home automation system , now customers can get a system for $30-$50 a month.

Thoughts Before Research:

The type of gadget/new types of technology were: Smart Homes, Smartphones, Self Driving cars, Drones, Playstation 4, Xbox One. Before I started researching I thought that the Smart Homes would really change peoples’ lives, that the iPad Baby Seats would not improve peoples' lives, and that the Glyph was just plain dumb (my opinion).

Thoughts After Research:

I felt pretty good about my thoughts on my research because I worked hard to find the facts that I found and actually learned about new technology that I haven't heard about before. I agree with some of the articles that I have researched but I disagree with most. Only a couple of them are good because they could actually help you in many ways. The rest are bad because they can impact a life (not yours) in a very negative way.