William Penn

By: Kendyl Reichard


It all started on, October 14 1644, the day William Penn was born. William became a Quaker at a very young age he was about 10 or 11. Pennsylvania would never be the same without William Penn colonizing it. He was put in jail at least 4 times for writing and preaching about religious beliefs. William Penn lived though all life's challenges

Becoming a Quaker

To begin, In 1660 William was sent to Christ Church in Oxford University to study. At age 13 William met a Quaker preacher named Thomas Loe, he changed his life as a Quaker. Thomas taught him the faith of Quakerism. Quakerism was outlawed so his father Sir William Penn sent him to France to change his mind and become a statesman. When he moved to England in 1662 he was expelled for not attending chapel. William lived in England and wanted equal rights for men and woman. As you can see, William did a lot to become a rightful Quaker.

Founder of Pennsylvania

A few years later, In 1662 William Penn established Pennsylvania for Quakers that experienced religious persecution. King Charles II owed Williams father Sir William Penn about $80,000 So, William asked for land in the colonies as repayment.In 1681 he received a charter for his territory west of the Delaware river. William started the Pennsylvania colony for Quakers but it turned out to be one of the most successful colonies in colonial days. In the word Pennsylvania Sylvania means woods So, Pennsylvania means Penn's woods. Pennsylvania was named after his father. Many other people called Pennsylvania the Quaker state because of William. William Penn fought hard to make Pennsylvania a Quaker state.

Rebel/ Arrests

Finally, Did you know that the founder of Pennsylvania was put in jail at least 4 times ? He attended Quaker meetings and was arrested in 1670 at a Quaker meeting in Cork. William also believed in equal rights for men and women and he was put in jail multiple times for believing in equal rights . He was arrested for writing and preaching about Quakers. So, while he was in prison he wrote No Cross No Crown a book about Quakerism. Since he was in jail he couldn't get in trouble.Lastly, Penn was suspected of plotting the return of James and was put in jail once again. William was put in jail a bunch of times but never did anything bad.


William Penn had an amazing life, he was kind to everyone and fought hard to make Pennsylvania for Quakers. William was about 10 or 11 when he become a Quaker. If king Charles didn't owe William father money then Pennsylvania wouldn't be here and the Quakers would have to stay in England. Even though William was put in jail at least 4 times he never was a criminal or bad. To conclude, on July 30 1718, William passed away.


  1. Pennsylvania - a Northeastern US state and one of the 13 original colonies, is known for it's diverse terrain, which include wide stretches of farmland, national forests and major waterways, Philadelphia the keystone state largest city, displays it's rich history in Independence hall where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were sighed and the liberty bell, an enduring symbol of American freedom.
  2. Religious - believe in a god or group of gods a following the rules of a religion.
  3. Quaker - members of the Religious society of friends which believes that the individual can receive divine truth from the holy spirit though his or her own inner light without the guidance of a minister or priest.


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