180º South

Kaylie Tyrrell (p.1)

Main Storyline (Anecdote)

The start of this documentary is two men (Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins) retelling the story of their road trip south to Patagonia, Chile in hopes to climb a mountain. As the documentary goes on it is filled with the narrated footage, of adventurer Jeff Johnson, of his recent recreation of the exact trip taken by Chouinard and Tompkins. His childhood viewing of the climbers original footage from the trip in 1968, had quickly inspired him to go not only on this trip, but to be an adventurer and a traveler around the world. This did not go exactly as planned. With the decision to take a boat all the way from Ventura, California to Chile, it was presumed that things would get a little risky. The boat was severely damaged, and Jeff Johnson and the ship's crew had to make a change and stay several weeks on Easter Island. As we go through this crazy journey with him, not only do we see the amazing adventure to recreate the legendary road trip, but we also see the growing environmental issues in parts of Chile. This documentary shows how nature and fate, can test the true lengths of human strength and will in extreme conditions.

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Fact 1: Timmy O’Neil is a Professional Climber with a lot of climbing experience and record breaking ascents around the globe.

Timmy O’Neil is a professional rock climber, guide, and comedian. He is nicknamed the “Urban Ape” and has made ascents at places ranging from Greenland to Patagonia. He also does a lot of charity work alongside his adventures. Fifteen years after his brother became a T-12 paraplegic (he jumped off a bridge into the Mississippi River for fun) they together climbed a 3,000 foot vertical rock wall in Yosemite National Park.

Fact 2: Keith Malloy is a retired Surf Pro and now looks for new surf spots around the world.

Keith Malloy is a retired professional surfer. He is the Surf Ambassador of the “Patagonia” company currently. Keith became a professional surfer and by the time he was 25, he had gone around the world ten times. He left the professional surfing community so that he could catch waves around the world. He accompanied Johnson and O’Neil on this trip in order to scope out the surf in Chile. He hadn’t climbed much before the trip, but his “warm up” was the North American Wall at El Captian, in Yosemite, California.

Fact 3: The first successful ascent of the North American Wall in Yosemite was done by Royal Robbins, Yvon Chouinard, Chuck Pratt, and Tom Frost in 1964.

These men were in fact the first people to successfully climb the North American Wall in 1964. It took them a period of ten days. Due to the wall’s overhand and extreme steepness, this was something that was believed to be a very difficult and probably pointless mission. The men were intrigued by the challenge and ended up being the first of many to conquer this wall of stone.

Fact/Anecdote 4: The first Europeans set foot on Easter Island in the 1700’s. As the population increased, the people of the island all split into different tribes and focusing on outdoing the others. They cut down entire forests to transport the giant statues they were making and it became such an obsession that it led to wars between the tribes and cannibalism. The population was finally set back down from 30,000 to 111 people.

The first Europeans did in fact settle in 1722. The main marker left of these civilizations are the large stone statues that are found around the island. As culture changed on the island, there have been studies that show that statues were torn down and rebuilt larger as a form of competition with the other tribes. The last section of their history was proven to be filled with destruction and warfare between tribes.
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Fact 5: The cellulose plants in Chile are contaminating the marine area by dumping all of their waste into the ocean. Up until the 1950’s, Constitution, was one of the most culturally rich towns in Chile. When the pump mill opened, it killed everything. The fishing, the town, the soul of the town. A large part of Chile is now contaminated. They now want to build six hydroelectric plants to make environmental matters worse.

There is considered to be an “environmental catastrophe” occurring in Chile. The water has proven to be contaminated due to severe pollution from the running cellulose plants and other big corporations. It was proven from a recent test of the water that there toxic heavy elements like arsenic and lead in the water in southern Chile. The government has been trying to work with private waste-processing companies in order to at least purify the drinking water.
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