Abbi Alfman

All About Me

I Love to Play Softball

I play softball. For softball I play short stop, right field, and third base. I have played softball for 8 years. I plan on playing softball all of my high school years. I want to be a Professional Softball player Alabama. I will try to play softball until I cant anymore.

I Love to Run Track and Field

I have ran track for two years now. My events are 4x1 relay , Long Jump, and High Jump. I plan on continuing my track career all through High School. I have gone to several meets and placed in almost all of them in all of my events.

My summer hobbies include softball, cross country, and volleyball.

Favorite summer activities!

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I go to North Carolina every year. I have been there a total of 10 times. We always rent a house with my mom's friends and we stay down there for about a week and then we drive home. The drive home is 14 hours but it takes up to 15 or 16 hours because we have to stop to get gas or eat somewhere.


I go camping with my family and my mom's friends. We go at least 5 or 6 times every year or until its gets cold. There are sometimes that we would go every weekend. I really love going camping with my family and friends.
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