Jean-Claude Duvalier

Haitian President


Jean-Claude Duvalier, also known as Baby Doc, was born July 3rd 1951. He was born in Port-au-Prince and was raised in an isolated environment. He went to Nouveau College Bird and then attended law school. His father Francois Duvalier was president when Jean-Claude was 19. After Francois died his son became president. Jean-Claude was the world's youngest president at 19 years old. During his power, the regime did not change much from his father's rule. He was a ruthless dictator who did not tolerate opposition. He was friendly with the people, and liked by most. His regime however was ruthless with its enemies and unmerciful. He ruler from 22 April 1971 until February 7 1986, when he was forced to flee.

Scattered Life of Jean-Claude

When Jean-Claude was 19 years old, he became the president

But the president's house, he found displeasing and did not want to become a resident

During his rule

He was very cruel, behind the people's eyes

He was friendly to all, but cross him at all

And you will surely fall

He found his romance

But had to flee to France

For 25 long years

When earthquake struck

He said "Oh crap"

And came back to help his people

Comeback Cartoon

Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to Haiti 4 years and 4 days after the massive earthquake struck Haiti and left so many people starving and homeless. It had been 25 years since "Baby Doc" fled the country to live in France. Many people were confused and did not know what to expect from the ex-Haitian President. They were unaware of the purpose of his return and skeptical of his intentions. Many people believed that he should be put in jail along with the rest of the Haitian government for their crimes and injustices against their people. He claimed to want to help his people during their time of need, but people were still unwelcoming due to his alleged crimes and believe he should be brought to justice.

Essential Question

How did Jean-Claude compare to his father as a ruler and what mark did he leave on the Haitian people?