The Chance To Start The Week Great!

Monday Monday....

"I'm gonna wake up this morning. Clap my hands. And say THIS is going to be a GREAT DAY!" ~ Jerry McGuire

So...are you a Jerry McGuire? If not...guess CAN BE!

Yes You CAN! It's a choice whether you want to be chipper in the morning, optimistic about the day and motivated with belief that it's going to be AWESOME!

I DARE YOU to take the challenge. Choose to make it a great day. Choose to make it a GREAT week! Just this one choice will change the path of your success!

I believe in YOU!


There is ALWAYS inspiration around the corner. Pick just one (or maybe two), put it on your calendar and treat it as your most important meeting this week!

Tips from the Top featuring Star Director, Zandra Gay

Tuesday, November 12th
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 6977091#
Mark your calendar to join our Tips from the Top call series where each week we feature one of our Field Executives who will share her inspiration, training tips and a 'call to action' for each of us! This week's special guest is Zandra Gay, Star Director from CT and leader of Team Opal of the Gem Fatale Gemstones. Tune in to hear Zandra coach on how to make the most of this week!

New Stylist Training Webinar

Tuesday, November 12th
This webinar is intended for Stylists who have just started their Stella & Dot business. We’ll cover the basics of Jumpstart, booking your first Trunk Shows, and setting goals for yourself. If you have a brand new Stylist on your team, encourage her to attend and follow up afterwards to answer any questions she may have! You can find the link to the webinar in the Training Call Calendar in SDU. (All New Stylists are sent a personal email inviting them to this webinar.)

Deep Dive Training on Booking featuring Star Stylist, Shauna Fiddler
Wednesday, November 13th
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 6977091#
Want more Trunk Shows on your calendar? Then tune into this week's Deep Dive call with Star Stylist, Shauna Fiddler and learn why her sponsor, Heather McLellan, calls her the "Booking Queen". It's well deserved with 11 Trunk Shows already booked in November! Shauna will share her tips on booking on the spot and booking in tight!

Life Coach Call on Coaching Through Setbacks with CEO & Founder, Jessica Herrin
Thursday, November 14th
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 6977091#
Join this special call to to hear coaching and inspiration from your very own CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin. We all experience setbacks from time to time (even Jessica!) so tune in to hear her share how she moves past disappointments and coaches others to do the same.

Rookies on the Rise featuring Lead Stylist, Karen Miller
Thursday, November 14th
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 6977091#
Mark your calendar to join this month's Rookies on the Rise call where we feature a Stylist in her first year of business as a Stella & Dot Stylist. Hear how these "Rookies" are successfully booking Trunk Shows, getting out of family and friends, building their WDYK list and successfully growing their teams. This call is intended for those Stylists who are also in their first year of business but anyone is welcome to join. This week's featured guest is Lead Stylist, Karen Miller. Karen had a self confessed slow start to her Stella & Dot business but through tenacity and attitude she has turned her business around and is loving every moment of it!

Opportunity Call with CEO & Founder, Jessica Herrin and Director, Blair Critch
Thursday, November 14th
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 8510587#
Mark your calendars and share this event with your prospective Stylists to get on the line with CEO & Founder, Jessica Herrin and Florida Director, Blair Critch as they discuss the Stella & Dot opportunity, why now is the perfect time to start a new business, and tips on the best way to get started. Your guests will also have the opportunity to ask Jessica and Blair any questions they may have about the business. This is a “must do” for anyone who may be on the fence about the opportunity.


Make it a GREAT MORNING. Make it a GREAT DAY. Make it a GREAT WEEK!

You hold the cards. The secret to success lies in your attitude. If you think you can or you think you can't....You're RIGHT!

I believe in YOU. Let me know if I can help you with ANYTHING. I'd love to hear from you....please don't ever hesitate to contact me!