Elizabethan Era

Education and Career

Common Jobs for Men

Blacksmith- Made or repaired weapons, thought as a very important job

Barber- Hair stylist, seen as just important as a surgeon or dentist

Knight- Served for Queen under "Code of Chivalry"

Watchman- Watched castle at night, kept guard for intruders

Acrobat- Amazing stunt artists for the thrill of entertainment

Education Structure

-Started at home with most children

-Boys of the Upper and Middle classes & Upper class girls went to school

-Petty Schools (Dame Schools), boys ages 5 to 7

-Grammer Schools, boys ages 7 to 14


Ages 10-14:

Latin-English translations, Religious Arithmetic, and Literature.


University Faculty of the Arts, Liberal Arts, Theology, Medicine, and Law.

womens jobs/responsibilities

- 1/4 of women only headed the house

- 3/4 of women where employed and ran the house

- The women whose husbands where marketers partnered in their family business

- Women that were married to farmers helped run half the farm

- Women also sometimes worked in the mines with their husbands

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