By: Ryan Lor

What is the Major cause of Smog?

Many sources such as automobile exhaust, power plants, factories and many consumer products, including paint, hairspray, charcoal starter fluid, chemical solvents, and even plastic popcorn packaging causes smog to take form.

What Chemicals are Involved?

Smog is produced by a set of complex photochemical reactions involving volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides and sunlight, which form ground-level ozone.

What affect does it have on people?

A mixture of the small PM2.5 particles get directly into your bloodstream by sneaking through the tiniest air sacs called alveoli. Once in your blood stream, these air pollution particles act like cigarette smoke, triggering inflammation that makes cholesterol more sticky. This in turn promotes cholesterol blockages that build up and can cause heart attacks years later.

Where is it a large problem?

California, and big cites.

Ways to Prevent it?

Use a hybrid car to cause less smog.

Buy less and when you do buy, buy locally.

Make a garden and grow plants.

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