Twelve Days 'Til Christmas Break

the TEAM Awesome Way

On the 12th day 'til Christmas Break

There arose such a clatter

Team Awesome needs a sugar fix

So enjoy the doughnuts on the platter!!

(Doughnuts in the Family Center!)

On the 11th day 'til Christmas Break

There is excitement in the air

Santa brought a special treat

Check your boxes if you DARE

On the 10th day 'til Christmas Break

You get to break the rule

Come dressed like Coach Roberson

Looking mighty cool

On the 9th day 'til Christmas Break

You deserve a big ole star

We couldn't find the perfect one

So we bought you a chocolate bar!

On the 8th day 'til Christmas Break

We are playing games of chance

Listen closely throughout the day

You might do a happy dance

(We have $50 in random gift cards that we'll be doing a drawing for and announcing throughout the day! Some are five, some are ten! All are awesome!)

On the 7th Day 'til Christmas Break

With a cold chill in the air

Enjoy the hot cocoa bar

You don't even have to share!

(in the Family Center)

On the 6th Day 'til Christmas Break

We don't want you to have the blues

We know you are all about some style

So wear your best house shoes!

(There will be a contest for the most unique house shoes.... Prize is a 1/2 day off and Mrs. Norton will teach your class)

On the 5th Day 'til Christmas Break

We found a real good deal

We heard your bellies growling

So enjoy the yummy meal!

(Frito Chili Pies in the Family Center)

On the 4th Day 'til Christmas Break

A good laugh we all need

Take a look in your box

and find something fun to read.

On the 3rd Day 'til Christmas Break

We are ready for winter weather

Be sure to come to school prepared

By wearing your tackiest sweater

On the 2nd Day 'til Christmas Break

We hope you're full of glee

But if you need a pick me up

Your ONE WORD is on this key

On the Last Day 'til Christmas Break

Take a sec before you run

Santa's elves have one last gift

We hope you've all had fun!