DBQ Spring Virtual Workshops

Spring 2021 Live Offerings

Virtual Workshop Description

Our open, virtual workshops help teachers become comfortable teaching The DBQ Project Method using DBQ Online. An emphasis is placed on close-reading and argument-writing strategies. Our PDs are interactive and will model document- and dialogue-based classrooms. Our 2021 focus is to help teachers with remote or hybrid-learning needs and to assist students who have experienced learning loss due to the pandemic.

The Basics

  • All workshops are 2 hours long
  • Available to teachers grades 2-12
  • Cost: $25
  • Workshops will occur after school or on Saturday mornings

The Dates

  • Wednesday, March 10
  • Tuesday, April 13
  • Saturday, April 24
  • Thursday, May 6
  • Saturday, May 22

Need to learn more about DBQ Online?

Watch this 6-minute video!

Need some convincing? See what your colleagues have to say!

The DBQ Project has been a true partner in analyzing needs and envisioning the professional development session. Experiencing the virtual PD has helped our teachers use the DBQ Online technology more effectively. The sessions they developed have helped our teachers learn new technology tools which will increase student engagement whether we are in the classroom or learning from home.

Catherine Tuczek

K-8 Social Studies Training & Support Coordinator

Detroit Public Schools Community District, MI


The virtual PD allowed teachers to use the DBQ Online platform through the lens of both a student and teacher. This was valuable!! Teachers felt more comfortable knowing they have a distance learning platform to use no matter what could happen with online learning in the future. They experienced first hand how to teach and learn virtually. They felt supported.

Amanda Solivan

Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator K-12

Tulsa Public Schools, OK


Virtual trainings are becoming the norm in our world today and some are better than others. The DBQ project virtual training is one of those that is better. It was very interactive and we had time to get into break-out rooms to collaborate with our teachers on the different parts of the instructional framework to enhance the learning during this training. We feel ready to begin digging into DBQs as a result.

Jodi Becker

Director of Secondary Education

Berlin Area School District, WI


We are truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to receive online training from the DBQ Project. The 2 1/2 hour session taught us a wide range of instructional strategies that could be used to improve student learning outcomes, and masterfully answered questions from our veteran teaching team. We found the discussion of a range of literacy strategies to be particularly valuable. I would highly recommend online training from the DBQ Project to anyone.

Stephen Dunn

Social Studies Instructional Director

Lake Forest High School, IL