Nuclear Energy

By:Princess Walker


The energy released during nuclear fission or fusion ,especially when used to generate electricty


  1. To produce electricity by using heat from the splitting of uranium atoms
  2. Clean water by nuclear power plants freeing of radiation or harmful pollution
  3. Reliable source because it doesn't rely on weather or foreign supplies
  4. Helps with human health ,like treating cancer with radiotherapy ,and radioisotope is used in most drugs
  5. Helps prevent food from harsh chemicals


Advantages and Disadvantages:


  1. Power plants don't need lots of space
  2. Doesn't pollute the air
  3. Has low amounts of carbon dioxide
  4. Can generate high amounts of electrical energy

  1. Disposals of nuclear waste
  2. Goes into the water
  3. Kills under water animals

Effects on the Environment

  1. Clean air
  2. Carbon free electricity
  3. Good for gas because of less electricity (Green-house Gas)

Uses in Iowa

  1. One energy facility (Duane Arnold Facility)
  2. Clean air electricity
  3. Duane Arnold Facility improved air by avoiding emission of
  • 12,872 tons of so2
  • 6,365 tons of nox (different compacts)
  • 525 million metric tons of co2