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Bringing the World into DHSB

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Plymouth: In the UK and the USA!

On Wednesday the 8th July, DHSB hosted a group of students from Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA, ahead of the 2020 celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the departure of the Mayflower. To celebrate this milestone, many UK and American schools are linking and planning events to remind everyone of our shared heritage. The American students were in the UK as part of a choir exchange involving over 100 students.

"Last week, we were fortunate enough to to spend the afternoon with visitors from Plymouth, Massachusetts - we spent the time giving our guests a tour of the school, discussing the differences between our cultures, playing games as well as doing some 'traditional British' activities! My favourite part of our session was working in groups to create a poster showing the differences between the two Plymouths! The afternoon was punctuated by a performance from the Americans of the song they were going to sign to the Plymouth (UK) Guildhall later that evening; it even made it onto BBC Spotlight!). Many Thanks to Miss Ball for organising the afternoon, and congratulations to our guests for an excellent performance!"

- Alfie Carlisle 9W

"I really enjoyed having the visitors from the USA as it was nice to see how they looked at the school and British culture. It was also very funny when we did the 'sit down if you have' game as it was great to see what different countries did. All in all it was a great experience".

- Josh Marsh 8C

"I had a really enjoyable time with the students from Plymouth, MAS. I was able to learn many new things about the place they live. We learnt about their food, weather and hobbies etc. The best thing I learnt was what a corn dog was; I really want to try one now!!"

- Sam Cade 9C

"I enjoyed the visit from Plymouth because we got to see you loads of different people from the other side of the world. We also got to have lovely cream teas! They were very good at singing! I also enjoyed giving them a tour of our school"

- Max Jackson 8C

"What I enjoyed most was comparing lifestyles and talking about our differing lives. It was really interesting and educational to hear about American Lifestyles and Culture."

- Fin Kinsella 8C

We are very pleased to hear from Jeevnath, Headteacher of Shining Stars School in Nepal, that the school is getting back to normal and that the students, staff and community are all starting to do well after such a troubling and unsettling time.

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In May, 5 students from each year 8 class at DHSB volunteered to set up a tent identical to ones sent to refugees in Nepal. They were, not too unwillingly, taken from lessons to construct the shelter and organise the survival equipment inside. The shelter was on display by the school’s 4G football pitch. It attracted a lot of attention from the school.

Shelterbox are a disaster charity, bringing aid to places like Nepal after the recent earthquake. They specialise in large boxes, filled with shelters, blankets, water filtration systems, pots and pans and even activity books for young children. While the awareness raising event at DHSB did involve the tent falling down, Shelterbox continue to work around the world, to help get people back on their feet after disasters.

Bryn Bourton 8W

Water! Nepali Art Project

Thank you to Mrs Cushing and Mrs Burdon for sending through the amazing artwork students have been creating for Shining Stars School. The theme was 'Water' and students have looked at lots of different approaches and styles to represent it in their work. Students also looked at the different ways water is used, as well as sustainability. The work is being shared with Shining Stars who are planning an art expedition to display the pieces to their students and the wider community,
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Upcoming Events and Things To Do

15th July - World Challenge Expedition to Malawi and Zambia

Good Luck to Mrs Huq and Miss Calley who are accompanying 17 students on a month long expedition to Malawi and Zambia. The team have spent over a year organising, preparing and fundraising for the adventure which involves community work at an orphanage and several challenging treks.

18th July - Nelson Mandela International Day

Every year on the 18th of July - the day Nelson Mandela was born - people remember Mandela by devoting 67 minutes of time to helping others.

For 67 years Nelson Mandela devoted his life to the service of humanity as a human rights lawyer, a prisoner of conscience, an international peacemaker and the first democratically elected president of a free South Africa.

Miss Ball - International Coordinator

Please get in touch if you have any ideas for projects, events, general suggestions or if you want to get involved.