Hire A Private/Personal Chef


Online Weekly Live Streaming Healthy Cooking Classes--Cook From Your Kitchen

'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food'

Why using a Personal Chef?

It’s convenient. It’s delicious. It’s healthy. It’s easy.

You’re busy. You don’t know what to cook or how to prepare healthy

food. Special diet, special needs. You don’t know what food you should



We will prepare food for you according to your health objectives and

in your kitchen so that you can enjoy it according to your schedule

and your tastes.


We talk about your health issues, tastes, preferences, budget and

schedule and we provide a proposal for how to proceed.

We will prepare a meal plan according of your preferences.

We shop for you, you just have to approve your personal menu that

we will prepare for you and send you over email every week.


During the week at your convenience and from your own kitchen.

The Sexy Gourmet Chef will prepare a delicious healthy menu daily for you to enjoy. The day you choose, we will do grocery shopping* and cook from your kitchen so when you are ready to eat you will be able to enjoy delicious a tasty food made just for you.

*Shopping costs will be charged separately.

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