Learning Coach Corner

Volume II Issue 5

Great Things Happening in our Classrooms at South Middle School!

Carrie Bailey shared Apple Classroom with staff and fielded iPad questions. She met with teachers throughout the day and will be here at South once a month to work with teachers and students in the classroom. She will be a great support for our iPad implementation journey!

21st Century Classrooms

The evolved 21st Century classroom is a productive environment in which our students are able to develop the skills needed in the workplace. Teachers are the facilitator of their learning. This environment nurtures higher order thinking skills, effective communication skills, creativity and collaboration skills. Top 10 Characteristics of the 21st Century Classroom addresses the top characteristics that define a 21st Century classroom.

Teaching Students Soft Skills

Young people who transition successfully from high school to college show an ability to manage their time, meet deadlines, get along with classmates and roommates, and deal with setbacks.

Students develop soft skills through socialization, learning the values, attitudes, and actions through interactions with others. Because socialization and relationship-building are a critical part of young adolescents' lives, middle school is a perfect place to incorporate soft skill development into the school day. By adding this important element to instructional plans and classroom expectations, educators help prepare students for success after graduation. Find out more about soft skills here.

Tech Bytes: Instagrok

Stop Googling around! Get Grokking instead! instaGrok is an educational (re)search engine that lets students (any anyone else) research any topic in an engaging, visual way. instaGrok finds the best information on the topic and presents it as interactive concept map, showing key facts, concepts and relationships, videos, images and more.

Users can pin their favorite materials to their grok and take notes in the built-in journals. Teachers can view students' work in the teacher dashboard.