Ring-Tailed Lemur

The Epics


  • Mammal
  • The ring-tails nose is naked and moist
  • Ring-tailed lemurs have black skin, mostly covered by grey fur.
  • They also have patches of white fur on their faces, ears, and underbelly.
  • Their long tails have a fur pattern of alternating black and white rings.
  • They have bright yellow or amber eyes, surrounded by mask-like black skin.
  • Both male and female lemur measure about 42.5 cm in length, and weigh roughly 2.2 kg in the wild.


  • Lemurs are found in the island of Madagascar in Africa
  • They live in the dry woodland districts


  • Lemurs are generally herbivorous
  • Their diets consisting mainly of leaves, fruits, and berries
  • they occasionally take bird eggs, small mammals, and insects.
  • They are prey
  • predators are the gray harrier hawk, dogs and cats

Reason for endangerment

  • the sparse, dry forests they love are quickly vanishing.
  • hunted for food
  • they are also kept as pets.


  • Interior structure of their deteriorated spines which helps them climb the trees of the jungle.
  • They have fingernails, toe nails and opposable thumbs
  • They have a specialized tooth used for scraping during grooming