Life Skills 2.0 for SEA Teens

Yang Camp presents: Key lessons to think like Lean Startup entrepreneurs:

1) Pinpoint problems in the community to solve.

2) Learn about branding, marketing, & the power of social media.

3) Learn about customer behavior.

4) Learn how to prototype.

5) Learn how to test & experiment.

6) Learn how to make a pitch presentation.

7) Learn how to blog effectively.

8) Build analytical skills.

Objective: Lay the foundation of a startup business; produce an investor pitch deck (business plan for startups); use the 5 additional weeks after the completion of the course to get startup mentorship.

Starting January 2015 at the Manchester campus.

15 weeks.

15 - 20 students per class.

Teachers will receive individualized coaching from Yang Camp's creator and learn how to facilitate this class.

Yang Camp's curriculum and concepts were developed from Eric Ries' The Lean Startup, Stanford's Institute of Design, Finland's education system, and Summit Public Schools.

Creator, Yang Camp

Vivy Chao, Ed.D.

Blogger, The Huffington Post

Community Manager,

Former CEO, Nanoogo

Former CSULB faculty

Life Skills Training

Topics to be covered:

Piloting Your Life
Understanding Goals
Needs & Wants
Realistic Plans
Personal Mission Statement
Personal Goals
Using Time Wisely
Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Renewal
Trust & Relationships
First Impressions in Writing & In Person
Keeping a Job - Expectations, Communication & Collaboration

All to be held at the Manchester campus.