The Coyote Trail

All you need to know to find your way this week

Middle of the Year...

Can you believe that we have made it half-way through the year? Amazing isn't it? Well, the second half goes just as quick, so buckle up and hold on!!

As a mid-year reminder, I wanted to refresh our memories on the Daily Five components we have covered so far. Many of you are incorporating these into your lessons already so keep up the great work! Here is what we are looking for as we visit your classrooms and look through lesson plans:

1. Framing the Lesson- This is the beginning and the end of a lesson. It includes the daily learning objective and a statement of what the student can expect to learn for the day. Remember the Primacy/Recency activity where most of you could recall the beginning and end of the list I read aloud to you. The lesson frame does that for the students.

2. Power Zone- "A teacher occupying the power zone is simply teaching or monitoring in close proximity to one student, or a small group of students, or the entire classroom full of students." (pg45) This one technique helps in so many ways. It increases on-task behaviors, decreases discipline issues and increases retention. Get up and move around! If you are in close proximity students are more likely to ask you questions than if they had to get up and walk to your desk.

3. Frequent, Small-Group, Purposeful Talk- This is the regular management of student conversations using seed questions every 10-15 min for small groups of students to discuss (groups of no more than 4). These do take some planning. Plan these when you are looking ahead to the next week or the next unit. Having these ready will help you so that you don't have to think of the questions off of the top of your head during a lesson.

All of these are just solid teaching practices. So many of you use these and many more techniques to help your students learn. We appreciate all of the hard work and commitment you put into your teaching. Have a great week!!

Martin Luther King, Jr and Grit

Watch the Kid President talk about how Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great leader who also demonstrated GRIT. Be sure to refer to Kristen's emails for great ideas you can use tomorrow and all nine weeks. I can't wait to see all of the lessons tomorrow.
The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President

Coyote Call Out is 80's Neon