Raureka School Term 1 Week 2

Newsletter 9 February 2022


Kia ora koutou katoa, Talofa lava, Kia orana,

Welcome to week 2, we had a great start to the term with the children getting settled into class and following our Covid Red bubble procedures.

Remember for us to protect everyone as much as we are able to we will be opening the school gates at 8:30 and operating within 4 bubbles at school. These bubbles will not be mixing with other bubbles. When the children come in please send them directly to the classroom so they can stay part of their own bubble.

We are doing our best to limit the amount of interaction between children so that we can keep school open as best as we can.

We had our first assembly last week and because we are in Red level we had to have it on line. We will be doing this while we are in Red Level to stop interaction between bubbles. The children will collect their book but this will be done after the assembly to stop the children from mixing.

We understand that you may need to bring your children on site to see a teacher or get something from the office if you do please sign in, wear a mask and go to the class but do not enter.

Thank you for sending your children from Year 4-6 with a mask, these are worn while they are inside the classroom, our Staff in these levels are wearing them too.

Please remember that if your child is sick please keep them home as we don’t want to spread any bugs.

You will have received either the notice from the newsletter or a note sent our about our Meet the teacher- it is on next Wednesday 16th February. Thanks to those who have already booked their meeting time, if you haven’t already done this please make sure you book a meeting and remember that everyone goes home at 12:30 next Wednesday. The meeting is 10 minutes with parents, child and teacher. The purpose of the meeting is to get to know you and your child so we can all work together to plan the best possible programme for your child.

Remember parents who come on the school site will need to sign in using the Covid 19 App and wear a mask.

The YMCA will be open for parents who book children in.

Stationery for 2022: This can be still be bought from the school office

Remember that school will finish on, Wednesday 16th February at 12.30pm for the parent meetings and everyone must go home.

Unfortunately for us Mrs Mackinnon wasn’t able to work in Room 21 this year so we have got Mrs Sarah Phillips sharing the class with Mrs Butler. Mrs Phillips has been relieving for us for the last few years and knows our school well. We will miss Mrs Mackinnon and wish her all the best for the future


How to book for the Meet the teacher


Use this booking link in electronic media, like your website, school app or an emailed newsletter:


A reminder that school will close at 12:30 and everyone will go home then, children can come back for the meeting. Parents must sign in using the Covid 19 app and wear masks.

You can also the QR code below to go directly to the page.

Please note that Room 21 (Mrs Butler) will make some other arrangements to meet whanau as she will not be available on this day and will be away from school.

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Mask wearing

Please remember that Year 4-6 children must wear a mask. The masks are used to help protect them from picking up any bugs.

The masks will only be worn inside the room.

Parents are to supply the masks as the Ministry of Education don't.

Thank you for helping keep everyone safe.

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Our Values

Our four values are :

Respect/Whakaute, Responsibility/Haepapa, Resilience/Pakari, Relationships/Whanaungatanga.

This week we are focusing on - Relationships/Whanaungatanga

Mā te tuakana te teina e tōtika, mā te teina te tuakana e tōtika

The older will lead the younger and the younger will lead the older

The following children received awards at our last assembly:

R1 Riginah Taa , R2 Chance Tollett, R3 Ronan Burkin, R4 Zakariya Gull, R5 Ruby McMeiken,

R7 Georgia Scannell, R8 Dayton Tokotini, R11 Lucas Isaac, R12 Dominic Edmonds, R14 Baylee Williams-Michaelsen, R15 Nate King, R19 Cadence Cullen-Williams, R20 Teina Paikea,

R21 Henry Bayley

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday 16th February- School Closes at 12:30 for Meet the Teacher Interviews from 1:00 until 6:20
  • Friday 1 April School Closed for Teacher Only Day
  • Thursday 14 April- Last Day of Term
  • Friday 15 April Good Friday
  • Monday 2 May- Start of Term 2
  • Monday 6 June Queens Birthday
  • Monday 20 June School Closed Teacher Only Day
  • Monday 4 School closes 12:30 for Three Way Conferences
  • Tuesday 5 July Three Way Conferences
  • Friday 8 July End of Term 2
  • Monday 25 July Start of Term 3
  • Friday 30 September End of term 3
  • Monday 17 October Start of Term 4
  • Friday 21 October Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day
  • Monday 24 October Labour Day- no school
  • Monday 21 November Teacher Only Day
  • Friday 16 December Last Day of Year

Other Notices

School Uniform – this is compulsory. No exceptions.

All children are required to have the school royal blue polo-shirt, royal blue hat, and on colder days the royal blue polar fleece jersey. All of these are available at the school office.

The lower half of the uniform (short, longs, skorts, skirts) must be plain black and can be purchased in town No stripes, no flowers etc, can

be purchased in town.

· Do your child’s records need updating?

  • moved house?
  • phone/cellphone numbers changed?
  • living arrangements changed?
  • emergency contacts changed?
  • medical details?

Medical Reminders

IMPORTANT: Children are NOT to carry any form of medication in their bags etc. All medication must be held in the office. Parents must complete a Medical Form to enable staff to administer medication.

We often have a few ‘bugs’ around the school.

· A common one is a nasty cough/flu type illness. Keep your children home if they have symptoms of this as it spreads easily.

· If your child has had vomiting or diarrhoea, they MUST stay home for 2 days after the last event. This illness definitely spreads quickly around the school.

· Headlice are always around so make sure that you check your child’s hair regularly (we suggest weekly) and treat the hair if necessary. We have treatments available from school for free. Just pop in and we can give you some.

· If your child is at all unwell, please keep them home so that they don’t pass bugs on to other children. Also if a child is feeling unwell they are not able to learn easily and are much better off at home snuggled up in bed.

Don’t forget to contact the school office to let us know when your child is unwell please.

Volunteers needed for supervision of our school patrollers. The children are well trained, it is just a matter of having an adult supervise from 8.30-9.00. Please contact Chris in the school office if your are able to help (even if you have helped in the past, please confirm).

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