Invisibility RPT

By:Tiffany Leite


We have learned how many populations today are treated like they are invisible.These sources show examples of how many people were treated invisibly whether its being left out or not many people are aware of their conditions.

Image of Girl Being Left Out by Classmates

This photo (Girl Being Left Out by Classmates. Digital image) shows a girl being ignored by her classmates. Along with being ignored she was treated as if she was not there. We can relate this back to Things Not Seen. In the book it states that Bobby can barely tolerate school and that he only has a couple of friends he eats lunch with. He also says that half of the girls look at him like he is a bug, something to squash as they march toward the highest possible class rank.These two sources are examples of invisibility. Both of these people are being treated obliviously by fellow classmates. They are also being treated- by higher rank students-as if they weren’t there or as if they shouldn’t be there.

The Freezing Homeless Child Experiment

We have learned how homeless children are ignored from previous articles. This video experiment ("The Freezing Homeless Child! Social Experiment.") is another example of how a homeless child was being neglected. Many people passed by this child and saw him suffering. Most people did look at him but they choose to do nothing. Others just completely ignored him and treated him like he was invisible.This is an example of invisibility because he was treated as if he wasn’t there and he was being ignored by the public. Although people were acknowledging his presence, they were ignoring his physical and emotional health. This shows how the public decided that he was not worth their time, therefore treating him invisibly.

Homeless Children Article

This article on child homelessness (NewsEla Child Homelessness) shows how the homeless child population is invisible.One in 30 children are homeless.But these kids are often invisible crashing with their families,on friends couches,or hopping from motel from motel from week to week.This population has become invisible because most of them are not out in the public eye.This prevents people from knowing about homeless children,therefore causing them to be “invisible.”

The Circuit

The narrator is invisible because he was hidden from the outside world (Francisco Jimenez The Circuit).For example,on page 69,the narrator and his brother had to hide from the school bus.No one knew about them and they were concealed from the public.Invisibility impacted his life because he always has to be careful of who saw him and he was not always allowed to go out in public.Francisco always had to hide in the vineyard and was allowed to go to school for only certain months of the year.This shows how no one knew about him and the labor he does therefore making him invisible.


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