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So far this month has been marked by a huge boost in sales activity and a surge in verbal agreements however we still have yet to see these convert into opportunities on EXPA which can actually be matched!

Why? Because this is the time when your members are the most trained, have highest momentum and you guys are best positioned to raise those TNs. Also because April is a huge month for matching. Basically we have the last week in March and April to raise TNs before summer comes!


Sam how's it possible that we are having almost 30 more meetings but basically have the same results as last month? I'll tell you: The truth is we shouldn't be stagnating in results, we've received 8 verbal agreements this month, however those aren't converting. We can more than double our opens from last month but that being said two things are holding us back:

  1. We aren't putting everything on EXPA
  2. We aren't moving fast enough through the process
  3. It takes a few meetings before members 'get the hang of things'

Here's what you can do

  • When you get a verbal yes: rejoice (in your head) and set up the follow up meeting time for when you can get the contract signed. Try to make it happen within max 7 days.
  • When you get the contract signed: Send me an email saying it happened, send me the contract and the JQ and put it on EXPA!
  • When/If EXPA gives you trouble: Let me know immediately if you are having trouble opening accounts. Usually I can figure it out within a day if we both are on the system at the same time but if not it can be delayed.
  • When you get your first applicant: Start the interview process, don't wait until the application deadline to start interviewing them. By that point they may choose another opportunity that messaged them faster. Send them a list of times and a deadline to respond. If they miss the deadlines and it's holding up your process, cut them from the applicants.
  • When you interview: make sure screen for the following: English proficiency, ease of obtaining visa, commitment to role, if they are they kind of EP you'd like to be responsible for, if this is their first choice TN/how likely they are to come if chosen, if they'd adjust well to the experience. Prioritize and accept them based on these criteria.
  • When you've accepted them: NOT FINISHED YET! Remember 'match' happens upon APPROVED. Send your EPs an acceptance email, asking them to sign their acceptance note and fill in thier LDM assessment (on expa) and give them a deadline to decide. Contact their EP manager and ask them to approve the EP.

Remember, it may take up to 3-4 meetings before your members get their bearings. That's why it's important to get everyone active this month!!


Today, Tarek got a contract signed bringing them up to 10 TNs so far this year! Here's the advice he has for kicking ass in IGC:

1) Keep team motivation/knowledge HIGH, when your team knows their stuff, they'll be active and pushing organizations to sign without your help.

2) Target warm leads, whether its from your team or your whole LC, warm leads are more open to talk to you

3) Nonprofits all know each other, chances are if you mention a CEO of another org in your meeting, they'll know who they are.

4) Be as genuine as possible, IGC helps the city and the orgs mission, always relate it to them

You can reach out to Tarek at


Here you'll find a website explaining everything that happened during the summit, a guide for implementing IPS and learning circles for your EPs! Click above or go to


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The moment you've all been waiting for: An update on the host family program.

As you know we have developed a partnership with and soon should have our own host family hub online. The partner has all of the information available to start coding our space however due to unforseen delays we can't expect the platform to be ready until April. After all of my back and forth with this organization it seems they are doing this on their own time and not my time. Many national holidays in Ireland (where they are head quartered) have come up this month which have caused delays.

Suggestions and action steps:

Host families: If you have some people that are interested in being host families, you can move forward with them. Make sure you have an interview with them to find out why they want to host, understand where they live in relationship to the EPs work place, and understand the amenities provided to the EP (bed, suitable environment, not a crack house).

  • Chance for success: Medium, it depends on your host family sourcing techniques (you can find a guide for how to find and convince host families on happyfox)

Subletting: See if any of your LC members are leaving town for the summer and are looking for sub-letters for their apartments. This will require you to charge a small EP fee but you can minimize this amount by having them share rooms.

  • Chance for success: VERY HIGH: this is the best option because it can put you in complete control over the EP's experience

University Housing: See what your university's policy is on renting out dorm rooms in the summer and if they'd be interested in supporting this project.

  • Chance for success: Medium - Low: University housing can sometimes be more expensive than apartments. Sometimes universities only allow students and their employees to reside on campus as a rule. That being said it never hurts to ask.

Negotiate with host organization: see if any of their employees would host or if they have any locations where they could provide housing

  • Chance of success: Medium, we've already had success in this arrangement it just depends on the organization you are working with
GET CREATIVE: if you know of someone with an extra room, or any other solution, go for it! Don't feel like these are the only things you're allowed to do.

I will update you all again in April about housing.

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Last week I emailed everyone showing screenshots from our process time analytics. I wanted to clarify the timeline we should be working with.

10 days! We have 10 days from the time we open our opportunities to approve EPs. If it's taking longer than 10 days there's something wrong with the process.

Here's how it can go:

Day 1- Open opportunity. Check the form 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours after opening. You should open each opportunity for a week or as soon as you get 20 applicants whichever happens SOONER.

Day 2- Start emailing applicants to set up interviews. Give them a 3-4 day window to interview.

Day 7-8- Accept final EPs (You can accept as you go if you feel like a candidate is 100% yes)

Days 9-10- Follow up with EPs/their EP managers to get the Acceptance notes signed and the LDM assessment

Out of 12 Entities in Western Europe and North America that run iGC we have the 4th slowest process for accepting EPs. It's clear that this is a huge bottleneck for our operations because if any issues come up later we have less time to correct them.

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Hey guys,

Some people have been asking me if we're able to do background checks for EPs. We have a processes but it isn't guaranteed so far.

Because of this I will not be opening any new opportunities that require background checks.

If the meeting and contract request was on podio prior to 3/23/2016 I will still process this through the raise. However any new leads (meeting on podio after 3/23) requiring background checks will not be processed.

This is to protect you guys. For example if we raise 100 TNs that all need background checks and then find out that we can't offer that, that means there's 100 matches that get broken. As soon as I have evidence of this working I'll lift this ban but for now:






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As you guys have seen, I have a successor! Her name is Maria Safronova but she goes by Masha. She's really incredible and will come into this role July 1st. Feel free to add her on FB and say Hi! Fun fact:

She's Russian..and kind of Czech too. But she lives in Austria.