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By: Dylan Jones

Q/A Session with Frannie Chapman, from the hit novel, Countdown.

Earlier in the week, we has a small sit-down with Frannie Chapman, who also happens to be the main character from Deborah Wiles' hit novel "Countdown" We asked her about her experiences from during the cold war which was a key event in history. The first thing that we asked her was "Why do you think that the war is happening" She said that she thought the was was happening due to the amount of tension and paranoia between the soviet union of Russia and the United States of America. We also asked her who we thought would win the war if a physical conflict were to occur. She said Russia would definitely win a physical conflict because they have nuclear warheads aimed at the U.S. She responded to our question " What evidence supports you being frightened when it was announced that there were ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) aimed at the entire western hemisphere" with "I felt scared for my life because i thought we were all going to get blown up by a giant bomb! we had no fallout shelter in our yard so we most likely would have died!" She was also very panicked during the sudden air raid drill that occurred in the dead middle of the school day. She also proved Margie hatred towards her by pointing out that she was the first one to jump and point out her error in glee club when she made a mispronunciation. She also thought that the way the school was handling the war was good until they began to make the students nervous with their constant presentations. She believed that her fight with margie was due to margie stealing a letter that was for Jo Ellen while they were in the bathroom at school. She predicted that her and margies relationship would patch itself over and they would be able to be friends again. Her summary of what was happening by saying that cuba is aiming missiles at america and everything was in a panic,but she was a normal child caught up in the middle of the political upheaval.

Reviewer's Corner, this week's topic: Locomotion

Lonnie Collins Motion is a young boy who lost his parents in a fire 4 years ago. He acts like a normal child most of the time, but he has some days when he is extremely upset or angry or depressed. His sister was adopted by a lady whom dislikes Lonnie so he rarely gets to see his sister anymore. The only person that would adopt him was his current group mother, Miss Edna.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a story that is full of poetry or enjoys a novel about losing everything about the life you had and having to start new .

2.5/5 stars - "Dylan Jones"

This Weeks News Report: Local embroidery shopkeeper victim of a dangerous robbery.

Whilst in her embroidery shop, local resident Sae Young was robbed by an unknown, hooded man. She was hurled into the wall and certain sections of her brain were damaged while the robber took all of her money that was contained in her cash register. Suspect believed to be a tall African-American male living in the chicago area. Sae Young is currently in the hospital room after an MRI scan to detect brain damage was performed. She suffered a moderate trauma accompanied by a serious concussion. The hospital said it was a miracle that she survived the traumatic experience