Rice University

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  • 82% of Admitted Freshman were in the top 5% of the class
  • 25-75 SAT(690-780,720-800,690-780) ACT(31-35)
  • Application Fee - $75.00
  • You can contact the Admissions office at 1-713-348-RICE(7423)
  • To apply send the Common Application, Writing Supplement, Teacher Recommendation, Counselor Recommendation, Fee, Transcript, SAT, ACT +Writing, Midyear Report. You can also request an optional interview if you wish.


Tuition - $38,400 per year (15 credit hours)
Fees- $2,200
Books - $1,200
Housing - $13,000
You can contact the Office of Housing and Dining at 713-348-5445/5440.


You can contact the Office of Financial Aid via email at fina@rice.edu.

Trustee Distinguished Scholarships Students whose personal talents distinguish them within the admitted applicant pool

$21,000 - $24,000

Renewable for 4 years

Trustee Diversity Scholarships Students whose diverse life experiences and contributions to diverse groups distinguish them within the context of

the admitted applicants

$21,000 - $24,000

Renewable for 4 years

Century Scholars Program Students who demonstrate an aptitude for research;

includes a guaranteed research mentor-ship


Freshman and sophomore years only

Barbara Jordan Scholarships Students who have distinguished themselves as

community bridge-builders


Renewable for 4 years

Engineering Scholarships Outstanding applicants to the engineering division $10,000 - Full Tuition

Renewable for 4 years

Allen International Scholarships Outstanding applicants who are foreign nationals Full Tuition

Renewable for 4 years

Edgar Odell Lovett Scholarships Outstanding applicants who are foreign nationals Half Tuition

Renewable for 4 years


- How do you get an application?

CSS profile, and FAFSA

- There are both need based and Merit based scholarships

- What are the eligibility requirements?


- What do you have to submit?

The Application, along with your college application and Tax Documents

AP Credit & Transfer Policy

What is the AP credit policy?

Rice`s policy changes but usually not towards majors. The exact scores required can be seen at http://registrar.rice.edu/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=2147483774 .

What is the Transfer Credit Policy?

They accept credits on a case by case basis. Most credits will be accepted if they do not apply to your major, however only credits from similarly accredited universities will be accepted.

Arrange a Campus Visit

Arrange a Campus Visit On the Website at visit.rice.edu

The student-faculty ratio at Rice University is 9:1, and the school has 69 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students.

Their Mascot is an Owl.

Named Sammy.

Rice is almost as awesome as Stanford and a tiny bit cheaper y`know like maybe 100 dollars less.