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Going Technical - We need your input

Dear ones,

With the constant changing in technology many of our colleagues are moving to new ways of sharing updates with you. This electronic communication is just one of a number of ways to do that. However, just because we're recruiting computer savvy people doesn't mean we feel we have to use the latest technology wherever and whenever one can. In fact some of it would involve a monthly investment, which we're not sure we need or should pay. Our "old fashion" email updates appear to continue to provide good communication with all of you and they remain free!

So this is a one-time test to see if you would rather read our updates in this "new" form or do you feel that "old fashion" email is still up to the task of keeping you informed? I would like to hear back from you regarding whether we should seriously consider this sort of communication in the future. Please leave a comment or send a one or two sentence reply to with your input.

Thanks, It means a lot.

A bit more so you ( and I, Dan ) have an idea how these will look.

Latest Race to 2025 update

As many of you know, this past weekend Mary and I, along with Christopher, went back to Tennessee to help with the second USA Race to 2025. These races are designed to raise awareness about Wycliffe USA, and also to raise funds for selected projects overseas. In my last update I told you we'd raised over $12,000 between the Michigan and Tennessee races. What I didn't know then was that counting the three races completed so far the total raised is over $21,000. With the last race happening this weekend the goal of reaching $31,000 for projects in Cameroon is within grasp.

Rejoice with us at the success of these events. Mary and I are excited to be part of this and look forward to helping with them in future. To see the latest pictures and updates on the race in Washington this weekend go to: