Honors English 9

Course Overview


Hello! My name is Annalise Ginocchi. As a new student in Honors English 9, it can be a bit overwhelming. Do not stress! You will surely get through it. English can be very fun! Especially, since Mrs. Allen is your teacher!
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Speak was a very sad ,yet very good book. It shows Melinda battling internal battles as a new student in high school. Our whole class really liked this book. We also got to watch the movie, which is always a plus

Romeo and Juliet

As boring as it might sound, Romeo and Juliet was actually really good. It was fun learning about the history of William Shakespeare too! We also got to read out loud in class and did many activities for the story. It was one of my favorites.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey was very intriguing. We learned all the history of Gods and Goddesses before we read it too. It was about the Trojan War.


Poetry was surprisingly very fun! We watched "Louder Than A Bomb" and many other slam poems in class. Then we wrote our own poems and recited them. Mrs. Allen made poetry very enjoyable.

Independent Reading

Mrs. Allen always expresses her love for independent reading. She respects the students by letting them pick what they want to read. It is perfect because if you are truly interested in the book, it makes reading it a lot easier. It was the best part of the class! I read a dystopian and a historical novel. I loved both.

Favorite Story

My favorite story we read in English was The Odyssey. I loved learning about the ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. Plus, we watched the movie ,which was awesome!

Not So Fav

My least favorite book was A Raisin in the Sun. It was not a horrible book ,but it was a bit boring. It was short though ,thankfully.


My advice to you is to stay on top of your reading. Nothing is worse than being behind and then having to read it all in one night. This was my biggest regret. It put unnecessary stress on me. Mrs. Allen gives you a lot of time ,so use it!

Top 5 Ways To Be Successful in English Class

1. Do your projects little by little ,so you are not scrambling to get it done the night before.

2. Keep the weekly plan sheet on the front of your binder. You will always know what we are doing that day.

3. Make sure you file everything into your binder correctly.

4. Sign up for the English Remind. It helps a lot.

5. Always ask if you have questions!


"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction" -JFK