Weekly Tech Update 10/12 to 10/16

Google Workspace, Google is Taking Out the Trash, Digital Citizenship Week & Google Cast For Education

Google Workspace

In the coming days, weeks, and months you may come across a new term from Google. It is called Google Workspace. You don't have to worry too much about it at this time, as it appears for the time being they are only referring to the old Google Apps For Education (GAFE) which became the G Suite and is now transitioning to Google Workspace. The products that we have been used to working with will not be affected at this time, and largely unaffected if at all. You may see the icons change in the near future as they have redesigned some of the icons for their main products. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you come across it. Click on one of the hyperlinks above for the update release from Google.

Google Is Taking Out The Trash

Maybe some of you have seen that quick little pop up when you access your Google drive lately. Google is emptying the Trash in Google Drive. Starting on October 13th, any file placed in the Trash and not accessed for 30 days will be deleted automatically after those 30 days. In addition, any file currently in your Trash will be deleted after 30 days starting on October 13th. I have hyperlinked the release to that update here if you would like to read more.

Digital Citizenship Week

Digital Citizenship Week is fast approaching. It occurs during the third week in October every year. This year the dates are October 19th through October 23rd. Whether we like it or not, it seems we have all been forced to become digital citizens. We can take advantage of this and model for our students what it means to be responsible digital citizens. I have linked a few activities from Common Sense.Org and ISTE to help promote good digital citizenship.

Digital Citizenship Week (Common Sense)

The 5 Competencies of Digital Citizenship (ISTE)

Essential Elements of Digital Citizenship (ISTE)

3 Ways to Foster Digital Citizenship in Schools (ISTE)

7 Tips and 1 Activity to Help Digital Citizens Engage With Empathy

9 Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship

Google Cast For Education

This past August, Google discontinued its support for the Cast for Education service. Google is encouraging the use of it's Google Meet service if you wish to cast. If you still wish to cast your device to your smartboard, IT CAN BE DONE!!! On a positive note, this method is significantly more reliable than the old Cast For Education. The downside is that it involves an additional step. It's an easy step and I have included directions on how to cast using this feature.


Print Participants From Zoom Meeting

Accessing Attendance Reports From Zoom Meeting

Screenshot with Lightshot

Screenshot with Lightshot

Schedule Zoom Meetings in Google Calendar

Zoom Scheduler Extension

Leave Verbal Feedback with Mote

Leave Verbal Feedback With Mote

Tech Tool(s) of The WEEK


Even though the Chromebook has a built-in screenshot tool, sometimes we might need something extra. Lightshot is just one of the many screenshot extension tools available in the Chrome Web Store.

With Lightshot, you can selectively screenshot images on your screen, annotate, insert shapes, arrows, and text. When you are done, you can copy and paste it right into your file or save it for future use. See the tutorial above for a demonstration.


Tired of typing feedback? Did you know you could leave verbal feedback? Neither did I until this past spring when Nadine Britton shared this AMAZING extension for Google Classroom, Slides, and Docs.

Mote is a Chrome Extension that allows you to leave verbal feedback in Google Classroom, Slides, Docs, and Sheets. Mote will also translate your comment into over 20 languages with an upgrade. Relax, I have an upgrade code for you! I don't want to share it in this newsletter, because each time YOU refer a friend, Mote will give you 60 days of unlimited access. Contact me if you are interested and start referring your friends.

Just to be clear, Mote is free! But to access some of the features like translating conversations, you will need to upgrade.

It Isn't Too Late! Join us this week as we talk Teacher Credibility

Hopefully, you have seen the email from the District regarding the upcoming virtual book study that is being offered. The District is conducting a virtual book study for the Distance Learning Playbook. Head on over to Frontline (MLP) and sign up; it isn't too late!

Message from one of the co-authors of The Distance Learning Playbook, Doug Fisher

Doug Fisher Message to Staff

Empower Web Page

Keep checking the Empower web page for upcoming events, links to resources, and access to FAQ's.

Link to Empower Web Page

Origins of 60 With Saint!

During the spring, we tried to breathe some fresh air into the offerings of Empower Hours with nationally known educational personalities. During these sessions, the guests agreed to play a little game at the end of the session called, 60 With Saint! The premise was to ask as many questions to the guest within a 60 second time limit. Nothing too personal, but questions designed so we could all get to know the guest a little bit better.

In case you didn't catch the initial 60 With Saint with Rich Czyz, watch it below. You will notice my very amateur and limited producing skills at the time! However, being a lifelong learner, I have learned how to significantly improve my production skills.

I am dropping this nugget because 60 With Saint maybe making a reappearance in the very near future with all new guests!

60 With Saint Featuring Rich Czyz
Big picture

Let's Talk Tech Integration

Below are the dates and times that I will be in the following buildings exclusively.
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I will make myself available in the following locations:

HT Wiley: Wiley IMC

Case Middle School: Room 210 (NOTE: On Oct 22nd, I will be in the Case Library)

WHS: Student Help Desk 1st Floor

Would you Mind Sharing?

It seems like it's been a year, but we made it through the first month! I have been fortunate to witness colleagues finding their stride and using strategies and techniques that have helped with the start of this unprecedented school year. However, there are colleagues that could use some ideas on strategies and techniques that could help in their transition to this style of hybrid/remote learning. If you are willing to share, please click on the Google Form below so we can compile some strategies that have been effective for you. Just drop a quick note in the Google Form and I will be in touch. THANK YOU!!!

Feedback Welcomed and Encouraged

Jayson St.Croix

Please contact me so we can collaborate on how to integrate more technology into your lessons.

Archived Editions of 60 With Saint