Family Culture and Traditions

By Ross Jones

10 Examples of Family Traditions

1. Newborns baptized in Methodist church

2. Big Christmas and Easter gatherings.

3. Birthdays are a big deal

4. Children disciplined

5. Read a lot

6. Go to church on Sundays.

7. Get good grades.

8. Call grandparents once a week.

9. Christmas breakfast at grandparents house

10. Watch James Bond Thanksgiving before supper, eat, then go to Festival of Trees.

2 Implemented Traditions as an Adult

1. My future family's meal plan: Mexican Mondays, Turkey Tuesdays, Whatever Wednesdays, Thrifty Thursdays, Frozen Fridays, Something Saturdays, and Big Meal Sundays.

2. My kids will watch MY favorite T.V. shows with me.

3 Terms

1: Go to church on Sundays. We consider going to church on Sundays, as one of our family's core values.

2. My mom's side of the family is very religious about getting good grades while in school. This is one of our family's beliefs.

3. One of my family's material culture is reading books a lot. We believe that reading is important, and that it helps keep your mind sharp.