Matt Strauss and Steph Strauss

WeeVu and its Beggining

WeeVu is an app for an iPhone or Android phone. The app works with certain stores to help donate to different charities. How the app works is that it allows you to find stores participating in the program. If you buy something from one of these businesses and take a picture of your receipt, a small percentage will go to a charity. Some of the businesses participating in this program include Dave's Italian Kitchen, Morning Glory Flower shop, and Duxler Complete Auto Care.

WeeVu was founded in April 2014 by Matt Strauss and his sister Steph Strauss. The business was made because Matt, while at West Virginia University, had experience as a soccer coach for Chicago's South Side and realized he wanted to help people. So Matt came up with a business that makes money for other deserving charities. After getting his degree in finances, Matt get his sister, Steph, involved and together they created WeeVu, which they believe that putting together social responsibilities and shopping habits together will help people, businesses and the charities involved.

Similarities and Differences

Similarities between the Strauss's and Reed Hastings include that they both wanted to help people. Reed went to Swaziland to teach math to people for a year, whereas the Matt and Steph Strauss made their app in order to help donate to charities. These entrepreneurs also started their businesses at young ages, allowing them more years of their lives to make their businesses successful. Differences include how these people help people. Reed Hastings business, Netflix, gives people a want; the ability to watch tv, whereas Matt and Steph Strauss created their business in order to help people get necessitates through charity. Also, Matt and Steph made their product in app form only, unlike Reed Hastings who made Netflix able to be used on almost any device.

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