Child labor

Is child labor ever okay?

Back ground information

When someone says child labor what do you think of? Most people think of kids working which is partially right but the real definition is "the employment of a child in a business or industry especially in violation of state or federal statutes prohibiting the employment of children under a specified age". There are also certain hours that the kids have to work. "For children five to eleven years old, child labor is defined as engagement in at least one hour of economic activity or twenty-eight hours of household chores per week. For children ages twelve to fourteen, child labor is defined as at least fourteen hours of economic activity or twenty-eight hours of household chores per week". Many people only look at the bad situations and there are many good situations for child labor. My pros and cons will highlight these situations.
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"A 10-year-old boy (L) teaches his neighbor, four-year-old Jordan Rico, the trade of working for a brick factory April 26, 2002 in Bogota, Colombia. Jose lives with his two sisters and a grandmother in a two room home in the southern section of the city. The family earns less than three cents for each brick they deliver. None of the three children in the family attend school regulary."


  • with child labor more jobs can be done
  • kids are heathlier than some adults
  • children dont have as much saya in what they do
  • there small fingers help bead things such as clothes
  • they fit in small places like mining shafts
  • child labor is not patroled very often


  • if child labor is stopped it can damage the economy very badly
  • health risks
  • dieases
  • death
  • little to no payment
  • horrible conditions in some places like india
  • uncontroled work hours
  • stop going to school to work
  • childrens parents might sell them


I think that child labor can be okay in family business but in India child labor needs to be stopped even if that means hurting the economy because children shouldn't have to work dangerous or unclean jobs. You can always rebuild an economy but you cant bring a child back from the dead. If we stop child labor we can always fix the economy but if a child is doing a job and they die from chemicals or bad living situations you cant bring them back. They wont get to experience life the way other kids get to which is not right. We as a human body of people need to put an end to child labor in other countries and in ours.