LV Technology


Typing web

1.A program that helps you improve your typing skills.

2.Typing web is a life time skill.

3.My goal is to finish the Intermediate course.


1.We made it about anything we wanted.

2.Helps on knowing how to make slides.

3.Good way to learn how to make trailers and movies.

Career locker

1.Learn how to look up schools.

2.Gives you all the collages in the state.

3.Tells you how much it cost to get into the school.

Haiku Deck

1.Haiku Deck is a app that you can make a presentation with.

2.My presentation was about my dream job.

3.You can add as much slides as you want.

Explain Everything

1.Explain Everything is a app where you can write and speak at the same time.

2.This helps teachers that have visual students and they want to show the kids something like a math problem.

3.The app lets you record you self and if you mess up in one part you can cut it off.

Hour Of Code

1.Hour Of Code is a website that teaches you how people make games.

2.This website helps your brain because it takes a lot of thinking.

3.Helps you improve in your typing skills to.

Email Etiquette

1.Email Etiquette was an assignment to lean how to write a proper email.

2.Also helps on your typing skills

3.A great way to learn how to use commas,apostrophes,capital letters,etc..