September 16th - 27th

Food for Thought - Todd Whitaker on "What Great Teachers Do Differently".

What Great Teachers Do Differently: Part One

MAP Data Collection Templates

Over the weekend I shared a template for you to use when collecting and reporting MAP scores for your students. You will find your personal template in the shared folder named for your House. CLICK HERE to access the folder. Please refer to the instructions below and let me know if you have any questions or problems with the template:

  • The template is designed to reflect the data for your classes in Math and/or ELA. Please include all students that you teach in each of these classes, regardless of which House they are in.
  • Please include all of your classes together. For example if you teach one ELA class 1st Hour and a different ELA class 2nd Hour, include all students from both classes on the same ELA tab of your spreadsheet.
  • If you are in a SPED House and the student is on the SPED caseload, indicate this in the SwD column by typing "SwD" in that column.
  • Enter the student's Fall score in the "F13" column.
  • Following MAP testing, the office will run goal setting sheets for your students. Use the growth data on the goal setting sheets to complete the "expected Growth" column for each student.
  • Use the same sheet to record Winter (W14) and Spring (S14) scores. The sheet should do the rest!

SPED Teachers - Please use the template to record MAP information for your students. This will be in addition to their inclusion on the sheets submitted by the other House teachers.

THANK YOU in advance for your cooperation in using the templates. This should make our data much more reliable and useful for the year. See Phil with any questions.

Achieve 3000 Expectations

The TLC is recommending that each student use Achieve 3000 a minimum of 80 minutes per week. This includes all classroom work or work that is assigned. It does not all have to be in an ELA class either, but could be spread throughout their core classes. Using the program in this way will allow us to evaluate it's effectiveness as a tool and whether it is worth the considerable cost to the district.

From Andrea Thiry-Wenz:

  • The Achieve3000 fidelity model looks for 80 activities annually with a minimum of 75% on multiple choice scores. Our expectation would need to include both of these goals. That means 2.5 activities per week, on average (per student, not per teacher).

From Janet Hughes:
  • I would think 2-3 times per week/student, but have teams work together to meet the goal on various days (ex. Mon. Science, Wed;. Social Studies, Fri. LA). Remembering a lesson is one student independent lesson and one shared reading lesson with teacher guidance. Independent work can be done outside classroom walls. This is minimum expectation [if we expect to see] growth.

Educator Effectiveness Update (from Sept. Staff Meeting discussion board)

Many of you left comments at our Sept. Staff Meeting on the Educator Effectiveness discussion post indicating your concern over SLO's - not understanding how they will work and wondering how they will get done.

For now, the only thing due - by Sept. 30th - is your Reflection of Professional Practice. The administrative team is meeting on Thursday of this week (Sept. 19th) to discuss SLO's in more detail. My advice - stay tuned but do not worry about SLO's at this time. We WILL be able to make group SLO's so you won't need to do that individually. More information to come...

ZERO ZONE Update (from Sept. Staff Meeting)

While we had a spirited discussion regarding exactly how far our ZERO ZONES should extend, we did agree collectively that:

  • The ZERO ZONE has greatly improved the noise level in the hallway
  • Teachers have been great about reinforcing the ZERO ZONE so far

After much reflection, we will not be extending the ZERO ZONES at this time. Here are our reasons:

  • We want to enforce the ZERO ZONES with fidelity. If we want them to remain effective, they have to be sacred. This will be much easier to accomplish if the zone remains limited.
  • The current ZERO ZONE is having a positive effect on all of the other desired areas. With continued fidelity to the current zones the proposed extended areas will also benefit.
  • We want to still allow students to be social in the hallways. This is the only chance they have to connect with friends and practice their social skills. If we cut them off completely, they will begin to feel a stronger need to talk during your classes.

We will continue to monitor and evaluate the ZERO ZONES and thank you in advance for your continued diligence in reinforcing these zones with your students.

Bus Duty Spots and Assignments



See Kristin with questions! :)

Patriot Smiles Project

Jennifer Ross, a Veteran of the US Army who has been deployed twice, is spearheading an effort to send letters from school children to soldiers who are deployed overseas. The letters can be about anything - what the kids like to do, their favorite TV show or game, sports - anything! Jennifer will be preparing a video to share with students and will be reading an announcement next week asking for the letters. If every TEAM took one day and each student wrote one letter, we would be able to send 850 letters overseas!

Please consider doing this with your TEAM following Jennifer's announcement next week. You can just bring them to the office when completed and we will have a collection box. Jennifer would like the letters by Oct. 15th.

Thank you!!!

Guess who is on her own Friday and Monday? Phil is out those days...