I Want My Hat Back

Jon Klassen

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Literary Elements

The literary elements in this book is a circle plot theme. It takes you on an adventure with the main character that is a bear looking for his red hat asking multiple animals in the forest if they have seen it. Throughout the story you are interacted with the suspense of being on the adventure and finding his hate. Luckily the story ends with a happy denouement. The setting takes place in a forest with fictional talking animals.

Physical Features

The size of the book is a medium sized book you would normally see. The shape of the book is a rectangle. The shape and size makes it simple to pick up and flip through at anytime. It is also convenient enough to bring it anywhere. The pages and paper are pretty durable also making it harder for a child to get paper cuts or even rip easily.

Visual Elements

In almost every page the bear is dominating any other character and is the main point of view. The bear is stood up using vertical lines that make him tall and stand out more than any other object on the page indicating he is the main focus of the book. On a certain page the hat is shown but it is a triangle hat. Triangles tend to show action and conflict in which this case, the hat is the conflict and the whole action of the story. The hat is also red proving that it is the power and energy of the story.

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Artistic Style

The books illustrations is very surrealism by the talking animals and animals wearing human clothing. This style contributes to the overall meaning of the picture book by letting the early readers get active throughout the story and understand the animals that live in the forest. It gets the readers involved wondering what other animal can come next on his journey. It also gives the readers a sense of humor throughout the book to keep them entertained and joined together.

Artistic Media

Jon Klassen used gouache and acrylics to draw these illustrations but everything is assembled and altered digitally afterward. A lot of the work is generated digitally from scratch, too. The artistic media demonstrated the simplicity of the book and made the reader imagine most of the colors that were associated within the image.

Elements and Illustrations

Each page the illustrations are mainly on the left side of the book while the text is on white background with bold colored wording. Every time you turn the page you are taking an adventure throughout the forest. This gets the children's attention by looking at the illustrations first and getting to imagine what is going on before the text tells them.

Interplay of text and illustrations

The text and illustrations come together to bring you on an adventure of finding the bears red hat. Each page shows and tells the conversation between the bear and each animal he comes across looking for his hat. In the last part of the book a dear comes a long and asks a simple question that sparks the memory for the bear about his hat. In the illustration you can see the expression of him remembering.