Ellington High School Library News

December - February 2015

New Books to Check out! Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater

Large, dangerous horses from the sea swim to their island home every November. And every November, the inhabitants of the island try and tame the horses to be in the Scorpio Races. But the games are very dangerous because the horses are wild. Will anyone get hurt this year?

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

A gifted mechanic and cyborg named CInder finds herself in the middle of an intergalactic struggle with Prince Kai and the Lunar Queen, who is looking for an alliance with Earthlings.

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Alina finds herself in the presence of the darkling, a mysterious leader who wishes to use her power as the Sun Summoner. She realizes she must get away from the darkling who has plans to expand his black power at her expense.

Refine your search!

When you search in the EHS card catalog, you can limit your search to location. For example, you can search just the Ellington High School holdings, or you can search all holdings of all of the schools in Ellington.

After you find a book, choose copies and it will indicate which copies are found in which location. Each book title will be listed under each location.

Library Interns Needed!!

Like to read? Want to find out about the latest book? Want to make new friends? Want to get perks and privileges in the LMC? Like to organize? Need community service hours for your portfolio? Find out how you can by signing up to become a library intern. Or you may contact Ms. Smolnik if you have any questions.

Enjoy our Valentine's Day Display

Hug a great romantic novel such as Romeo and Juliet in graphic novel form! Find it in our display case to take out! During the week of Valentine's Day, we will be giving out some sweets if you guess the right answers to some trivia book questions. Come on down to the LMC!
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Join the Library Advisory Board! Help Ms. Smolnik pick out the best books for the LMC!

Help choose your favorite romance, adventure, biography and many other genres! Join us during a lunch wave and have pizza, desserts and other goodies! If you have time, you can become a member of LitPicks, an organization that will send you a free book if you agree to become a student reviewer. FInd out more information about how you can participate!