Things to know about the 6th grade

By: JG Ward


Quizlet Hw

1. On Monday there is learn, this helps you get the words.

2. On Tuesday there is speller, this helps you to know how they are spelled .

3. On Wednesday there is scatter, this helps with matching there words to their meanings.

4. On Thursday there is the Test, this prepares you for the test on Friday.

5. Take a screen shot with the apple on the top clicked on after you complete these items.


1. Make sure to do runners in the passage.

2. Mark the text throughout the passage.

3. Make sure to answer the questions completely.

4. Make sure to turn it in on time.

5. It is assigned on Wednesday it is due on Wednesday.

Wordly Wise

1. Be sure to complete the whole thing.

2. If you don't do the passage it is graded out of a 50.

3. Make sure to write the answers and circle them as well.

4. Do not guess on it either.

5. Write complete sentences as answers.


1. There is a lot of work to do for novels.

2. Turn your work in on time all the time.

3. Make sure you don't fall behind on reading.

4. Make sure not to rip the pages.

5. Be careful with the book, it isn't yours.

Reading Logs

1. Write complete sentences.

2. Capitalize what needs to be capitalized.

3. Write what the questions asks.

4. Read more that 20 minutes.

5. Write more than six sentences.



1. Math homework is assigned on Monday.

2. It is due on Friday, that is plenty of time.

3. There is a mixture of questions in the homework.

4. There is one subject in math assigned for that weeks homework.

5. It is always due in math class on friday.


1. There are 6 centers, 2 each day.

2. There are different activities each day.

3. There is white board work and group work.

4. There is some self task too.

5. It takes a lot of focus to complete the centers.

Ten Marks, IXL, Buzz Math

1. Ten Marks you have to do your best or you get a amplifier.

2. IXL is easy if you show your work.

3. Buzz Math is fun and hard because the problems can be easy and hard.

4. In Buzz Math you can earn extra stars in other grades.

5. Buzz Math and all the others can help you learn for the EOQ's and EOG's.


1. You do this project in your Google Drive.

2. This project requires a lot of hard work.

3. You have to put a lot of time into this project.

4. You have to overcome challenges in this project.

5. You make a website for this project.


1. Make sure to turn in your homework in on time all the time.

2. DO NOT talk so you can get your work done.

3. Make sure to charge your computer at home so it's 100% in the mooring.

4. Sacrifices are a big part in the sixth grade.

5. Save your passwords so you don't forget them.


1. Thy not to get ISS and don't get OSS.

2. Be quiet when the teachers are talking.

3. Don't mess around so you can get your work done.

4. Always stay on task so it is easier on you to get the work done.

5. All ways pay attention to Mrs. Izzo.