Julio Potsticker

On The Oregon Trail

Day 1

Today is April 25, 1854. Today we set out on the Oregon Trail with my wife, Sharketa, my son Jorge, my other son, Mojang-Han-Su, and my son on the way, H2O. I am a farmer from Tennessee. I have $150 in my wagon along with a number of different essentials such as water, rope, extra clothing, and steel animal traps. The past two days have gone by with ease. But today we faced the Mississippi River. We also made a deal with an indian and lost $25. I also have 1000 BWUs or Bulk Weight Units to fill my wagon up with. I put a clock, several stoves, a mirror, Tables and chairs, hunting gear, Extra food and water, and my wardrobe

-Julio Potsticker

Day 2

We are three weeks in on our journey west. We were traveling at full speed then Cathrine falls off of her wagon. Everybody stops to check on her. We find that her leg has been broken badly and will need a splint. after a few days she tells us that she is feeling better and ready to help. Our wagon leader took a test of manliness today. He goes by the name of Michael. He was to balance an object on his head as well as on his ands. Then walk five steps. He tried multiple times but failed to succeed.

Today I went hunting. I shot several times at a deer but it did not fall down. I soon realized that i was hitting 4 of my wagon teams water barrels. they do not have any water in them, nor can they hold any. I am very ashamed. One of our wagon members dropped his guns in the river so we cannot hunt with him unless he uses his knife which is an ineffective way to hunt. We come to a river and decide to ford it which means the oxen swim with us and the wagon floats. We did not make it across with all of our gear. I lost 150 Bulk weight units. We carry on through a danger pus pass but luckily make it through without harm

-Julio Potsticker

Day 3

We are almost halfway through our journey. We find a shortcut through an indian warriors territory. A warrior warns us about bandits and indians attacking wagon groups. We decide to take the shortcut. We make it through the pass with out any problems. A few days later my wife thinks she is going to give birth.

I run over and she says it was a false alarm. One less mouth to feed. I go hunting and catch 30 pounds of buffalo for my family. 30 or more Indian warriors attack us but we make it out unharmed. Other wagon trains in our caravan were harmed badly and lost members to arrows.

- Julio Potsticker

Day 4

Today I caught 5 pounds of gopher and my wife ate it all. We decide to take a short cut but are forced to go through a long and hot desert. We turn around and take a pass called the Massacre Canyon. We make it through the pass but funnel right into a flat barren place called The Haites Desert.

I have been getting sicker and sicker as time goes on from dehydration. The Next Day: I can barely move now I am weak and can barely right with this pencil. I cannot think straight. I Think I am going to die. I passed away shortly after finishing that sentence and was never able to meet my son or get to the west.


---Julio Potsticker---