Team Tikvah

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NEW Facebook Group!

We're moving out of our old one and moving into the new ONE for the NEW YEAR and to make it easier with compliance concerns. It's easier to make a new group then to sift through thousands of comments. Being compliant online isn't as hard as I thought, but it is like learning a new language. We can learn together. I'd encourage you to add your new team members to this group instead of the old one even if it's not the NEW year yet. IT's a "closed" group right now so it is searchable by members looking for it on their own. There is a link you can give them as well


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Aromatouch Technique "hand demonstration"

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Team Training with Wendi

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Join "The Pollination Station" Facebook Group

For those that MORE THAN JUST "love their oils". they are sharing them and teaching classes. You will want to know more about this place. for prizes and great business education. Join by clicking here or contacting Kylene Lessig to add you!
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Team Training on the free Periscope App for smartphones

If you have a smartphone, you're likely to find the Periscope app to download for free. To "follow me" Just search for TIKVAH and you'll see my name, Kylene show up. Then that way you'll get notifications when I'm broadcasting LIVE.

Upcoming events

January 4th, 5:30 pm PST Monday Night TEAM CALL via ZOOM VIDEO

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: (no need to register)

January 11th 7:00 pm "YOU 2.0" Featuring diet and fitness tips by Grant Lund and Justin Knapp Ellensburg, WA

January 16th & 17th doTERRA WEEKEND in Wisconsin! (Contact Rachel Nelson or Kylene Lessig) Aromatouch Class Saturday night (Open to the Public) and Team Training Sunday Afternoon (for those enrolling others).

January 25th Monday, 6:30 pm ELLENSBURG, WA "Intro to Oils" Bring your friend not yet enrolled or those that have been doTERRA for awhile! @Adult Activity Center

More Online Classes will be announced on facebook and periscope

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