Which Hall Is Cheaper?

By: Shahzain N.

What We Are Comparing

Here, we are comparing Superstar Banquet Hall with BVO hall to find out which banquet hall is cheaper, and what their linear system is.

Cost of each Banquet Hall

Superstar is charging $1000 dollars as a initial cost with 10$ per person. While BVO is charging $700 initial cost with 20$ per person.

c= Cost

P= People attending

For BVO the equation in y-intercept form would be C= 20P + 700

For Superstar the equation in y-intercept form would be C = 10P + 1000

Big image
Big image

Comparing the Two

As the chart and graph show, Under 30 People attending the buyer should choose BVO. They meet at 30 people. Over 30 the buyer should choose Superstar.

The POI would be (30,1300) on the graph, which means that if there we 30 people to attend the prices for the two halls would be the same.

In conclusion

Therefore, based on the data provided, we can see that if less than 30 people are attending BVO is cheaper, while if more than 30 people are attending then superstar will be cheaper. Finally, the linear system is (30,1300) on the graph. (30 people attending, cost $1300) yeah