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Jasper Weekly 4.27.15 to 5.3.15

Re: What's for Lunch?

Our campus leadership team met on Friday during 7th period to share the dialogue and group consensus regarding the future of block lunch at Jasper. The majority consensus of Jasper staff was to move forward with the idea of block lunch. The block lunch team and I are well aware of the concerns of teachers, students, parents, logistics, and implementation. Despite all the known reservations, the upside of what this could bring to teams, teachers, students, and our campus is exciting.

We are going to continue moving forward with implementing this next year. I must state a disclaimer, this could be stopped at any time during this semester or over the summer due to district-level concerns with facilities and food services. There are many working parts to this process. It has the blessing and support from central admin if facilities and food services can be structured in a way to ensure the success of the campus.

I firmly believe this will be beneficial for Jasper staff, students, and community. The block lunch idea for Jasper was initially rooted in finding a way to help teachers buy back uninterrupted time within the school day to collaborate and plan. Increasing collaboration and planning opportunities will always help students. The added flexibility for teachers to collaborate with teams and departments, teachers to host tutorials within the school day, increased opportunities for relationship-building, ownership, accountability, and choice for students, and enhancement of the school culture are all paramount cornerstones of a successful learning community.

Thanks to everyone for engaging in the conversation! Please continue to do so for the remainder of the year and over the summer so that we can have a smooth transition to block lunch, an idea that I think could change of the culture of 9-10 campuses in PISD. It takes a lot of courage for a campus as exceptional and successful as Jasper to take this leap of faith forward.

"Courage is being scared to death.....but saddling up anyway." - John Wayne

Staff Birthdays

April 29-Jeff Chancellor

May 3-Meg Ross

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Upcoming Weeks at Jasper

4/28-EOC Math/Biology Training


5/4-5/8-Teacher Appreciation Week

5/5-EOC Algebra 1

5/5-AP Calculus BC Test

5/6-EOC Biology

5/8-6th Six Weeks Progress Reports Pulled

5/8-AP Euro Test

5/12-6th Six Weeks Progress Reports Distributed

5/14-AP World History Test

5/15-AP Human Geography Test

5/18-Spring Awards Ceremony

5/21-Staff Meeting

5/22-Staff Lunch Cookout

5/25-Memorial Day (staff and student holiday)

General Announcements

    1. Work Day Updates
    2. EOC Training Update

1. Work Day Updates

  • PISD has been granted a waiver for the March 5th inclement weather day. There is no need for any make-up for staff or students.

  • The first day back for all teachers is Thursday, August 13th. This is not a "flex" day. All paraprofessional staff working a 185 day contract will start Monday, August 17th.

2. EOC Training Update

  • We will host mandatory EOC training for teachers on Tuesday, April 28th in 1100. Please bring your test administrator manual and a highlighter.

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