Hope Charter Leadership Academy

"Empowering Leaders Today To Change Tomorrow"

Weekly Newsletter: May 4th

HCLA Events & Activities:

Week of May 4th

  • Monday, May 4: Auditorium Huddle at 8:15 (Jump Rope for Heart Introduction)
  • Monday, May 4: Reminder-No Intervention Groups
  • Tuesday, May 5: Faculty Meeting
  • Tuesday, May 5: Y Learning Visitors/Tour (late pm)
  • Wednesday, May 6: Board Meeting (classroom visits)
  • Wednesday, May 6: RCHS assisting w/ Leadership speeches (am)
  • Friday, May 8: Club Day
  • Saturday, May 9: Enrollment Lottery

Week of May 11th

  • Monday, May 11: Club Day
  • Tuesday, May 12: Development Leadership Event
  • Wednesday, May 13: RCHS assisting w/ Leadership speeches (am)
  • Wednesday, May 13: Dress Rehearsal
  • Thursday, May 14: Leadership Day
  • Friday, May 15: Early Release

Hallway Huddle Quote & Activities

Weekly Quote
"Just keep swimming" - Dory, Finding Nemo


-Review how Dory and Nemo’s Father never gave up in the search for Nemo, Dory said “just keep swimming”, when things weren’t going their way.

-What is a goal that you are trying to reach that you want to give up on? Why should you tell yourself to “just keep swimming” to reach your goal?

-What would have happened to Nemo if his father had given up

Curriculum Reminders & Info...

  • If you have not done so already, please log in and approve your EVAAS rosters. If you have any questions or concerns please see Marney.

  • As we begin to look at the budget for next year and need to know what curriculum materials you will need. How many math journals do we need to re-order?Are you interested in using the Mentoring Minds test prep materials again, and if so how many do we need to re-order? What curriculum "wish-list" items do you have?

  • Heads-up! mClass benchmarking window begins 5/18/15 and goes through 6/5/15. Teams need to coordinate how they will ensure that all EOY assessments are completed within the window and that the Teacher of Record does not do her/his own students' TRCs.

  • EOY School Benchmarks (6-traits writing, Developmental Spelling Inventory and end-of-grade Everyday Math assessment) also need to be completed before the end the school year and documented in the assessment folder.

  • Reminder Monday intervention groups are cancelled for the remainder of the year; therefore, interventions will occur Tuesday - Friday only. This refers just to our intervention schedule for 4/5 from 10:00 - 10:30 and for 2/3 from 12:30 - 1:00. Any intervention groups that have been arranged between a TA and individual teacher should still occur as usual. Due to Hallway Huddle occurring on Monday mornings, we understand that your typical instructional plans may be delayed to start after Hallway Huddle. On Mondays, teachers can now use the intervention block times to catch-up and/or cover classroom curriculum.

Leadership Day Reminders

  • Classroom Environments
    We will have many educators, community members, and board members in our building and in your classrooms on Leadership Day. Please make sure that your classrooms are neat, organized, representing student work, and clear from any excess materials, furniture, or visually unappealing storage. Your classroom is a representation of you! If you need any assistance with removing broken/unused furniture please coordinate with Mr. Alton/Ms. Annie. If you need help with suggestions for classroom environment changes/updates, Meghan and myself are willing to assist! Thanks.

  • Hallway Transitions
    Please make sure that you are practicing appropriate hallway transitions with your students. Students should travel the hallways in line with minimal/no talking and hands behind their back. This is always impressive to our visitors, and it ensures that students are not disrupting the instructional environment.

  • Hand shakes, Eye to Eye Contact, and Speaking Level
    Firm handshakes, eye to eye contact, and speaking at the appropriate level with conversing with our visitors should be practiced with your students. This is very important with your classroom greeters. Your classroom greeters should get up and walk (not run to the visitor-we know they will be excited!), shake hands, give their name, and a "brief" overview of what is happening in the classroom. It looks as though there will be groups of approximately 6-7 so you should have two greeters that will be working on Leadership Day to ensure that each visitor is greeted in a timely fashion.

  • Display Boards
    Please pick up your clubs display board from Meghan if you have not done so already. These will be displayed at our leadership day. You will also need a representative from your club to stand by the board in the cafeteria to present what the club does. Please give your representative's name so that they can be added to the logistics spreadsheet for Leadership Day.

  • Agenda
    A detailed agenda of what will be happening, where students and staff will be, who will be doing what, and anything else you can think of for Leadership Day will be discussed at the Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, May 5th. Please jot any questions down so that it can be discussed at this time.

We appreciate all that you are doing to ensure that our Inaugural Leadership Day is a Success!

7 Habits Songs Ringing In Your Ears...

Its really crunch time when it comes down to the students learning the music for Leadership Day. Here is a run down of the grade levels and songs that they will be performing so that you can work it into your weekly lessons. In an effort to assist students with memorizing their 7 Habit Song performances we will be playing the songs early a.m. over the intercom system prior to the start of the instructional day. Please encourage students to listen and practice their songs each morning.

K/1 - "Who I am"- by Will.i.am https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyVzjoj96vs

2/3- "Best Day of my Life" - by American Authors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y66j_BUCBMY

K/1,2/3, and 4/5 - "7 Habits Dynamite"

All students need to know their songs no later than May 11th so that we can start rehearsing them as grade level and school.

LEAP Program In Action!

Students who participate in the Y Learning Program at Hope Elementary were provided the opportunity to participate in the LEAP program facilitated by Ms. Karen Sansom-Goodman, Substance Abuse Prevention Health Educator.

LEAP stands for Lead Empower Achieve with Poe. The LEAP program seeks to recognize, strengthen and support youth leaders, and to highlight the importance of leadership in Wake County youth. Additional goals include increasing leadership and teamwork skills, positive communication skills and healthy decision making skills.

Meet our 3rd Cohort of students below!

A 7 Habits Weekly Booster...

Listen to your language. Your language is a very real indicator of the degree to which you see yourself as a proactive person. That is, it's better to say "I choose" rather than "I can't," or "I control my own feelings" rather than "They make me so mad."

Habit 1: Be Proactive

Spotlight...Shout Outs!

Congratulations to our Security/Attendance Coordinator, Mr. Keith Sutherland, on passing all of the rigorous requirements to receive his U.S. Citizenship!

Mr. Keith has been very supportive at HCLA and has now completed a personal long time goal! We wish him well as he just recently received his new passport to travel the world to see family. Don't worry... he is not leaving us, just traveling over the summer break! :-)

The World's Toughest Job!!

World's Toughest Job - #worldstoughestjob - Official Video

Exploratory Fitness & Nutrition

More pics of our Exploratory Fitness & Nutrition Students enjoying learning about nutrition and healthy lifestyles and eating! Check out some photos from Parfait Day!

Let Me Know...

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