The Weekly Growl

February 27 - March 3, 2017

This Week

Monday, February 27

  • Wear College Shirt w/Jeans

  • IB Community Project Exhibition @ the PAC

Tuesday, February 28

  • 6:00 SPHS Feeder Pre-UIL Choir Concert @ SPHS
  • SPHS Counselors Visit - Choice Sheets Through 8th Social Studies

Wednesday, March 1

  • STAAR Ready 6th Reading, 7th Reading, 8th Science

Thursday, March 2

  • SPHS Counselors Visit - Choice Sheets Through 8th Science
  • 4:00 Track Meet @ Canyon Vista
  • Kona Ice After School
  • 7:00 Disney's High School Musical Jr.

Friday, March 3

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • Stony Point Counselors Visits - choice sheets through 8th - Science

  • 7:00 Disney's High School Musical Jr.

Saturday, March 4

  • 3:00, 6:00 Disney's High School Musical Jr.

Next Week

Monday, March 6

  • Wear College Shirt w/Jeans

  • STAAR Ready 6th MAth, 7th Math, 8th Social Studies

Tuesday, March 7

  • Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 8

  • Orchestra UIL
  • 3:55 Faculty Meeting

Thursday, March 9

  • Orchestra UIL
  • 5:00 Track Meet @ Deerpark

Friday, March 10

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • Bulldog Store Open During Lunches

Upcoming Events

March 13 - 17 Spring Break

March 23 5:00 Track Meet @ Chisholm Trail

March 28 STAAR: 7th Writing/ 8th Math (alternate Schedule TBD)

March 29 STAAR: 8th Reading

March 30 Bulldog Store Open During Lunches

March 30 Kona Ice After School

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Special thanks to everybody on campus. This has been a difficult time for many people and it is heartening how much support we have on campus.

- Desiree Le

I want to thank Liz Seelig, Anna Carter, LaToya Morrison, and Danya Gardner for working with 7th-grade writers during flex and STAAR Party! You all are doing a great job of creating lessons that keep kids engaged. I also want to thank 6th Grade ELA for all of the writing they are doing with students. It makes a huge difference to have students arrive with writing tools in their toolbox. Huge thank you also to all of the teachers who have their students reading and writing about their content. You all Rock!

- Sofie Vastano

Kudos to Mrs. Le for always keeping me in a reflective space and pushing my thinking. Love you!

Kudos to Baeza for allowing the 6th grade World Cultures team to conduct a learning walk in his classroom. We loved your classroom environment and it is obvious that your students respect you and value the relationships you build with them.

Kudos to the 6th grade GLT for being so flexible and open minded through the entire Academic Facilitator process. I appreciate your willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure our students are successful!

- Akea Powell

HUGE shout out to Mrs. TammyFern for convincing Home Depot/Lowes to donate paint and supplies to the school.

- Kera Blay

Ms. Paula Castillo - Thank you for all your hard work, and dedication. You're always going above and beyond.

Love Eloisa Aguilera

Squires for being such an amazing department chair!!!!!!

- Allison Lee

Kudos to Lara Raesz for being my rock. Helping me find my way here and always being there when I need a sounding board.

- Danielle Thomure-Albrecht

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  • March’s flower is the daffodil, which represents hope
  • The birthstone of March is the aquamarine, which symbolizes courage and bravery
  • March comes from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars
  • Spring officially begins in March! It starts anywhere from March 19 to March 21 every year
  • Celebrity Birthdays this month include Jon Bon Jovi (3/2), Jessica Biel (3/3), Chuck Norris (3/10), Albert Einstein (3/14), Adam Levine (3/18), William Shatner (3/22), Reese Witherspoon (3/22), Lady Gaga (3/28), and Celine Dion (3/30).
  • Monthly observances include American Red Cross Month, Fire Prevention Month, Women’s History Month, and National Reading Month

March Birthdays

Patti Cole 14

Wendy Tucker 24

Kera Blay 26

Natalie Reale 30

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