June Team Newsletter

Team Beauty Beats

Celebrating our May Accomplishments

Incredible work was done last month! With Beautycounter's mascara launch, the re-relaunch of our charcoal bar, and everything in-between, our team did over $85,000 in sales and welcomed three new team members!

Welcome to the team Katie Olynyk, Kristina Johnson and Kelly Stevenson!

Congrats to those that promoted in May:

Senior Consultant:
Katie Bradley
Alana Suomela
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Team Announcements

A few items to note for June --

1. Escape to Bacara Trip Incentive (more below)

2. New Starter Sets are now in effect for new consultants. Current consultants will likely get a chance to purchase a new starter set at the savings in August! This is will be great for all of us to refresh our sets and stay on brand!

3. New product Launches this month!
  • Charcoal Mask (ETA June 8th)
  • Limited Edition Lip Glosses: Terra and Dahlia (ETA June 20th)
  • Large Sun Stick (No ETA available yet)

Escape To Bacara Trip Incentive

A celebrity favorite hot spot and perfectly located on the coast in Santa Barbara, California, Escape to Bacara is an incentive trip NOT to be missed! Mark your calendars for Oct 13-16th as these are the dates of the getaway. The incentive time frame is from June 1st - July 31st.
How can you get there?
  1. Make a plan - take a peek at how you can earn points and chart your path
  2. Connect with your mentor or myself (Anna Vig) and I can help you build out your plan
  3. Go BTC and download the Bacara pathways to success and points tracker PDF
  4. Fill your calendar! 1 on 1's, Socials, face kit drop offs, opportunity events and chatting with others about partnering with Beautycounter are all areas in which can move your business forward
  5. Join our dedicated FB group for added help with this trip incentive: Escape to Bacara

Actionable Business Tip - Ask for the Re-Order

What can you do today to help your business?!

Re-Order rates are not as high as they should be with a consumable business and to get those numbers up it is important for us as the consultant to reach out and ASK our client how they are doing on their product and if they are ready to re-order their favorites and add on a seasonal staple.

What to do?
  • Go BTC under your orders tab and then browse orders
  • Go back to March and April orders and check in with every customer who placed an order and see if they are ready to re-order their favorites
  • In that same reach out, share what would also go well with what they are already using but have not ordered yet (maybe one of our brushes with the eye shadow they already purchased. Or possibly the gentle exfoliator if they only have the routine clean.
  • Always recommend our sun care items for your clients as we enter into the summer season!
  • Make a goal to reach out to 10 clients TODAY!
  • Are you a new consultant? Reach out to 10 NEW friends/family/acquaintances or neighbors to tell them about Beautycounter and offer samples or a 1 on 1 appt!

(thanks Amy Nelson for the words of wisdom below!)

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