Planets and solar system

Collected resources for Easter Camp Explorers

Place of Earth in our solar system

The Sun


Planets and Solar system


Extended Learning: I wonder :0))

~ Can we hear/ say Hello in outer space? (Petra) (Link-1 sound requires medium to travel)

~ Can we walk in Outer space? (Lok Lok) (Link-3+4, walking on any surface requires gravitational force to pull)

~ Can we smell in outer space? (Anika) (smelling requires medium to travel)

~ Can we eat pizza in outer space? contd....(link 2, .....)

Has space and astronomy dictionary, travel to the 9 planets, in memory of space shuttle challenger, constellations, changing seasons, 4 games, create your own space scenes, receive space email, make your own star cruiser paper aeroplane, word matching activity.

This is brilliant, the discovery channel’s kids site on everything space. Loads of resources. Teaching tools are OK,


Look at this site index for teachers

Games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology. Another NASA site.

Stacks of stuff!! NASA’s site for children. Too much to list! The video clips are really good.

Another site under 13’s.

INTERACTIVE!!! Fantastic interactive tools for whiteboard

Online Space Explorations!! Superb.

Facts about space all catagorised and very easy to use-excellent resource

Homepage of the website where the 2 above resources were found

An astronomer’s website-for kids

Learning centre for you astronomers

Our place in space-excellent website from the American Museum of Natural History

An atlas of the universe

Misconceptions and myths about astronomy from TV to newspapers to Hollywood movies! Great for fact or fiction

Design a space station, take an expedition to the magnetic north pole

Hands on astronomy activities for kids

Very detailed, has info/booklets etc to download

Excellent radio programmes on lots of different subjects, planets, astronomy, stars-right click the mp3 file format and save to your computer as the online links sometimes break down.

Interactive puzzles for each of the planets

Worksheets and free downloadable and printable resources

Make an astrolabe. An astrolabe (pronounced AS'-tro-layb) is a device used for measuring altitude, including the height of objects in the sky.

An astrolabe can be used to measure the altitude of an object, including changes in the Sun's path over the course of the year.

Stephen Hawking website

A virtual newspaper containing all space and astronomy stories-superb!

Live space mission audio and video!!!! Mechanical parts of a space shuttle-diagram and breakdown.

Science - Sound - Sound requires a medium - English
Dining on the Space Station
Inside the space station....Awesome !!!!!
Our World: Sleeping On Board the International Space Station
Neil Armstrong

Scale of Universe

Videos to watch at home:

The Planet Song
Planets & Solar System for Children- School Education Video
The Magic Schoolbus Episode 01 Gets Lost In Space

collected by Anika Saxena