Lunch Line

What do people think about the lunch line?

What do people think about the lunch line ?

We interviewed some people about the lunch line. Some people thought that the lunch was a good lunch line and some people didn't. So we asked some questions like "Do you ever have a good experiences in the lunch?" or " What do you think about the lunch and how it is now?" People just said plain answers but we thought of something different to do.

Written by Jade Mon and Giselle Garra. Pictures: Found by Giselle on Google. Edited: Savanna Fortin and Alyssa Burdick.

What we did....

We decided that we should have a security camera to watch the crowd, as they wait for their excellent and yummy food from our Café. Hidden in a secret place, it will watch out for you cutters. Teachers will watch you all in line.

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