Worldwide Poverty

Chelsea Maples & Shanoa Vigil


Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of

- Nelson Mandela

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* Africa

* Burundi

* Niger

" Over 43 million people in North America suffer from poverty or homelessness. (36 million in USA and 7 million in Canada."
* The policies are currently pursued by governments & multinational companies are keeping people poor & hungry.

* Global poverty is so important because, it affects many people.

* Poverty not only makes it harder for people to flourish in their own lives but it also makes their lives a lot shorter as. You can tell in these pictures.

* Poverty began with military conquest, slavery& colonization. It has persisted until the present as a result of unfair debt, trade, & tax policies.

* The destruction & chaos that violent conflict brings leads to lawlessness & human rights atrocities & the erosion, diversion or destruction of resources. Natural human, financial or destruction of resources. Natural, human, financial or infrastructure limits people's access to basic needs, such as health, education, & food.

* Violent conflict is development in reverse. It a shortcut to extreme poverty.

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Poverty questions

*What is the USA doing to help worldwide poverty?

*What will happen if worldwide poverty doesn't stop?