Coding 4-5 B

MP4 Week 5

Python Install Problem Fixed!

  • IT has installed Python on all PALCS computers. Please follow the directions below to run Python and/or watch the Virtual Lesson Recording below if you encounter problems.
  • There is no Question of the Week as most of the recording covers the Python install.
  • Please come to chat this week with your Flowchart & Python downloaded.

Getting started with Python

IT has installed Python on all PALCS computers!
  1. Go to your software catalog (you may need to restart your computer first)
  2. Go to PALCS
  3. Go to Python 3.4.4
  4. Click install
  5. 2 Desktop icons will appear on your desktop: Idle & Python
  6. Click on Idle
  7. A Python shell window opens! You can now start coding! Just type into the window after the the angle brackets (>>>).
  8. We'll be coding a program together in Python in chat and running it in Scratch!
Virtual Lesson Recording: Installing Python

No Question of the Week to answer!

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Try it! Make Your Computer Say "Hello World!"

  1. Open IDLE (the shell window opens)
  2. Click the "file" menu and choose "new file" (this opens the code window)
  3. In the new blank code window type: print ('Hello World!')
  4. Make sure you used single quotation marks!
  5. Save the code: click "file", "save as", name it HelloWorld, and "save."
  6. Click the "run" menu and select "run module." (this will run the program in the shell window)
  7. Output: look in the shell window. The "Hello World" message should appear when the program runs! You've just created your first bit of code in Python!
*Remember: a code that is not saved won't run!

*If a pop-up window appears with a SyntaxError message it often means there is a spelling mistake or typing error in the code.

Next Week Goals:

  1. Sharing our flowcharts
  2. More with text
  3. Learn about while loops

See you in Cyberspace!