Gifted and Talented Tidbits 7

by Lenora Barnes 10/9/15


This week, in both groups, we worked on vocabulary and critical thinking by completing Halloween word challenges. The third and fourth graders worked together to solve challenging math word problems. The first and second graders learned about deductive thinking and worked together to solve multiple scenario problems that required them to use it. We continued our unit on giftedness and discussed the first two success secrets in our booklet. The students shared many personal experiences related to the success secrets. We also completed another chapter in our read aloud books, which are about gifted children. The students enjoyed the book "Iggy Peck, Architect", before we continued working on our designs for the Global Cardboard Challenge.


We will continue with our unit on giftedness and focus on the next few secrets of success.

Our classroom will be a construction zone as we work on our Global Cardboard Challenge projects for the next few weeks. Barring any conflicts, the project sharing day will most likely be during the first week of November. Once the date is set, I will send out a campus-wide email with a link to sign up for a time to bring your class, if you would like to let them participate.

The students have been asked to bring the supplies for their projects on our next meeting day. They are very excited and I have a feeling that some may not wait until our next class to bring them. I appreciate your patience and understanding with this.


High achievers perform at the top of the group.

Gifted learners are beyond the group.

Kingore, B. (2004)


Myth # 7- This Child Can't Be Gifted, He Has A Disability

Some gifted students also have learning or other disabilities. These “twice-exceptional” students often go undetected in regular classrooms because their disability and gifts mask each other, making them appear “average.” Other twice-exceptional students are identified as having a learning disability and as a result, are not considered for gifted services. In both cases, it is important to focus on the students’ abilities and allow them to have challenging curricula in addition to receiving help for their learning disability.

-National Association For Gifted Children


I will send an email with an attached article about twice exceptional students to each of the elementary campuses. I am unable to attach it here.